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Abusing Shell Feature for Privilege Escalation

This was covered in Linux PrivEsc, task 15, in this TryHackMe room. I am having trouble understanding how this debugging mode is executing the commands in the PS4 variable, and why I must put /usr/...
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How to replace certain backup files on a website every 30 minutes? [closed]

I have a website built with WordPress, unfortunately somebody hacked it several times, deleted my adsense code and put his own adsense. I tried many security techniques, changed database name, did ...
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Is the SSH last login message reliable or rather something easy to get tampered with?

My client's Linux server recently got compromised by unknown means (highly likely because of a weak password). When I first logged into the compromised server I discovered the following: The Log ...
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phishing from chrome

This just showed up in Chrome. It's obviously phishing - the mangled English and weird url give it away. How would it work? Asking me for info I shouldn't give them? My system then slowed down. ...
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How can I safely back-up files from an infected computer?

Imagine a laptop that's been infected by malware, and that the owner hasn't backed-up their files.* They have pictures, videos, and documents they'd like to preserve, so they're hesitant to ...
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Bought a used surface book online, any security precautions to take? [duplicate]

I have purchased a used surface book from Ebay, unpackaged and ran the device. The low price of the device lured me in despite my adverse attitude to used devices. Is there anything I need to perform ...
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My computer was being remotely controlled by someone. Can find no viruses

Walking back to my computer (Windows 10), I noticed that my browser's history tab had just opened without me touching it and I thought I saw my cursor moving around. I had no control over my mouse ...
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How to know if virus alert is false positive?

I received alerts (email & browser injection) from my ISP about a Zbot infection behind my modem. I ran Microsoft's malicious software removal tool, as well as AVG's Zbot remover on both my ...
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Server infected with some kind of miner - can I steal the results?

A Windows server of ours got infected with some kind of mining tool. As luck (?) would have it, the tool left plenty of logs. The logs suggest it's a Claymore CryptoNote CPU Miner v3.5 Beta. Outside ...
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Should I be concerned if the "FBI" has logged onto my Ubuntu VPS?

Yesterday, I was performing a bit of general maintenance on a VPS of mine, using the IPMI console my host provided. Upon setting up SSH keys again via the IPMI console, I logged in via SSH and was ...
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Is this Android malware?

I am randomly getting redirected to a page that looks very suspicious, especially the URL that sends the base64 encoded payload. It usually happens when I click a news link, usually a local news site. ...
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Can we trust the information displayed by the linux utility commands for a vulnerable machine?

After checking a vulnerable linux machine for rootkit and deleting them, we need to get some informations about the process , port ,incoming or outgoing connections... , using some useful commands as ...
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Thorough computer scan

I'd like to give my computer an overall deep scan against all kinds of malware. I was infected about a year ago and I feel like there may still be some hidden rootkit on my HDD or something like that....
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How dangerous are worm:win32/Goldrv!rfn and worm:win32/vbjk?

Windows defender has detected the following worms on my system and I was wondering how dangerous are they and what is it that they do?
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Best way to check if your browser is secure

There is a lot of Malware checking software which seems is just a virus. How can you check for sure that your Windows 8 computer is uninfected with virus and malware? Is malwarebytes enough, or ...
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