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What are the security issues with "eval()" in JavaScript?

Every time that someone mentions eval(), everyone says that there are "security issues" with it, but nobody ever goes into detail about what they are. Most modern browsers seem to be able to debug ...
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How can I explain the concept of public and private keys without technical jargon? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Principle of asymmetric algorithm in plain english In the spirit of How can I explain SQL injection without technical jargon?, do you have any suggestions on how to explain ...
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How does stored procedure prevents SQL injection?

May be I am not much clear about the stored procedure. Can someone explain me how stored procedure prevents SQL injection with a simple example using MySql.
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What is SQL injection?

What is the meaning of SQL injection? I am not able to understand the term. And what problems may be caused by SQL injection?
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Are these SQL injection checks a bad idea?

Reading Preventing SQL Injection Attacks in Stored Procedures started this debate between my partner and I---and looking for the right approach is not as straight forward. I'm no security expert--but ...
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what type of database server is used by fb? [closed]

I want to know what type of server facebook uses ? If they use sql server , then is it vulnerable to sql injection ? Are all sql servers vulnerable to sql injection ? I just want to know this ...
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Injection/SQL Injection Attacks in Layman Terms

I'm having trouble figuring out what SQL injection attacks are, or in more general terms, what injection attacks are. Most explanations out there on the internets are kinda hard to understand. Could ...
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How are generative AIs like ChatGPT jailbroken/reverse engineered?

I've often heard about 'jailbreaking' generative AIs, which is why they're regularly not considered secure ways to generate content. Here's an example of a user jailbreaking a generative AI by ...
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DDos prevention systems behavior for corporate networks [closed]

I asked this question on stackoverflow but couldn't get any answers and I even got a down vote as a present so that I'll try my luck out here. I did some research about this problem and couldn't find ...
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Required features for taint-based vulnerability tools? [closed]

What tools are necessary for static-analysis taint-based vulnerability detection? For example, being able to find/search source-sink paths through a tainted variable, flexibility to choose flow ...
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