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Is a Windows XP virtual machine with no network connection safe from hacking? [duplicate]

If I install Windows XP as a Virtual Machine with no network connection, is it safe from being hacked? My main OS would be Windows 8.1 with internet.
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Is it safe to run untrusted application inside a Virtual Machine [duplicate]

I have some untrusted software. I plan to run them on a guest Windows 7 on my host Windows 8 OS using Oracle VirtualBox. In the worst case, will only my guest OS be affected? Can the hacker access ...
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How to ensure that VirtualBox guests can't break out of the vm to get access to the host machine? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How secure are virtual machines really? False sense of security? E.g. on Ubuntu/Fedora - if I have VirtualBox installed and I'm running guests in it, then how can I make it ...
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Is it safe to run virus (infected executable) inside VirtualBox? [duplicate]

Is it safer to run suspicious (trojan, malware, virus) software/exe/applications inside VirtualBox (Windows) and what threats do they have?
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Can hackers compromise a VM to the point that they compromise your host OS? [duplicate]

Recently I was reading up on various security strategies and one that has been around for a while but is starting to gain traction now is working within a VM on your desired OS. If that VM ever gets ...
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Will virus downloaded to guest OS affect Host OS? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How secure are virtual machines really? False sense of security? If I download a file in Guest Windows XP machine in Vmware Workstation, which is a virus. Can it affect the ...
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Can a malware jump from a virtual to the physical machine? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How secure are virtual machines really? False sense of security? I found out that malware authors check if the hard drive volume name, or network card MAC matches default ...
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Can a TCP connection with a VM be "escaped from" to reach the host? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How secure are virtual machines really? False sense of security? If a VM (e.g. VirtualBox) on host A opens a TCP connection to a hacker Z, are there any possible ...
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Is it possible for guest system to spy host system when using virtual maschine (VMware) [duplicate]

I want to prepare virtual maschine which will be used to connect through vpn with one of my clients. There are some other programs and devices that I have to install in order all of this to work. ...
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Risk of infecting the host OS if the guest OS is out of date [duplicate]

I'd like to know how much the risk changes if I don't update the software on the guest OS in a VM (applications and the guest operating system itself), compared to the risk in case it's all kept up-to-...
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How do I recklessly browse the web, download suspicious files and run them with as low a risk as possible? [duplicate]

I have recently found out about the existence of virtual machines they can be used to run viruses in an isolated environment from the host computer, like virtual box, vmware and sandboxie. However, I'...
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VirtualBox setup - running potential virus [duplicate]

Is my VirtualBox setup fine for running a potential virus/malware? Here's the screenshot of my settings - CLICK Shared clipboard and drag n drop are off. Let me know if anything else is required.
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Virtual Box security [duplicate]

I am using virtual box to run a secure machine. I am not fully confident in the hosts security. My assumptions are that of course the host can read the VM when the VM is running and that if the ...
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How Secure are Virtual Networks [duplicate]

When using a Virtual Network, is it possible to infect the underlying Network infrastructure with malware from the Virtual Network. How safe is the use of Virtual Networks?
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Host an application on a virtualbox? [duplicate]

I want to host an application locally, but I was worried about security of my local files. I decided to 'encapsulate' the application using VirtualBox. Is that safe for my host OS (Windows)?
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