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What it takes for someone to enter your machine over a public wifi network?

I'm browsing the internet over the public library's wifi, visiting non-sensitive websites, some of them SSL protected. As a Windows user, I have set the network settings to "Public", just for safety. ...
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Can open, unsecured wifi networks capture stored passwords?

Say there's an open wifi network. I already know that if you try to log in, attackers may be able to steal your password. However, can attackers see stored passwords? (Not the autofill feature, but ...
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What is it that makes public wifi so insecure? [duplicate]

What exactly is it that make public wifi so insecure? Is it because about anyone can connect to the network and that my device will be visible to people just as it is visible to other devices in my ...
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What can an attacker achieve with admin access to a router? [closed]

I wanted to know what a person can do if he has access to the Router Settings? I know he can change the password and stuff but can he do any real password sniffing stuff?
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Is it possible to get virus/malware by just connecting to an Android phone acting as a WiFi hotspot? [duplicate]

Is it possible that my Windows 8.1 computer gets infected by virus or malware by just connecting to an Android phone acting as a WiFi hotspot? I didn't do anything else. I didn't surf the internet, ...
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Shared wifi security/privacy [duplicate]

I live in a building with free WiFi access for all of the 30plus tenants. I've lived here for just over a year, the WiFi password has never changed. I added a WiFi extender to address the deadzone ...
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Is HTTPS secure over public Wi-Fi with an expired certificate?

I am staying at a hotel with free public Wi-Fi. To get Internet access I had to visit a web page and agree to the terms and conditions. This website has a security certificate, but it expired over a ...
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How vulnerable am I on a unencrypted public WiFi network? [duplicate]

I am enrolling myself into a college. College provides a Public WiFi Access Point, to access internet through its network, which is unencrypted (No password). As being a programmer for last one and a ...
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Risk of using university Wi-Fi network [duplicate]

I have lost my modem to use the internet and I am starting university next week. There is Wi-Fi available to the students in the university, but I'm worried about the risk of using it. Can other ...
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Is it safe to use public Wi-Fi networks that may be handled by non security experts? [duplicate]

I wonder if it is safe to use public WiFi in places where the WiFi router might not be managed by professionals and anybody is able to come and connect to the network with their own device. There are ...
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How to prevent malware infection and file accessibility through a wireless router? [duplicate]

The answer suggested in the 'duplicate' is about a different issue. But since my original wording of the question seems to have not been clear - here's a second attempt: Is there any danger of any of ...
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How risky is connecting to a hidden wireless network?

According to something I spotted something in a set of directions for connecting to a hidden wireless network from windows 8 found here (located under Step 1 > "Troubleshoot connection problems" > "...
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House owner can see who's connected to WiFi; what more can he see?

I live in a rental house, and use the house-owner's wireless network to connect to the internet. The owner can see who is connected to his wireless network and I had a few questions regarding this ...
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How to use public WiFi safely?

The Dangers of Open Wi-Fi How does one go about sending valuable information (for example inputting email username and password) over a free password-less public WiFi network? The only option that I ...
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Is it safe to log into my bank website over a public wifi?

Is it safe to log into my bank website over a public wifi (like a coffee shop)? I realize that the connection between the browser and bank servers should be encrypted, however I'm wondering if there ...
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