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Which CTF Penetration Test? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What “hacking” competitions/challenges exist? I want to test my penetration test skills.And i solved a few CTF.But it is not enough.I want to solve more ctf test. ...
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Sites to test login through jmeter [duplicate]

Im having a hard time looking for a site with a login system that can be probed with firebug, the POST request password specifically, i was just wondering if anyone here knows one or two sites that ...
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WarGames–platforms to practice and improve hacking skills [closed]

Do you know of any good free platform in which we can practice different attack vectors and vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL injection, low-level hacking, reverse engineering, etc.? For example, I ...
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Decent programmer looking to learn to Hack

I'm a decent programmer, fluent in several languages. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Haskell, and Scheme are my favorites. I'm currently adding Perl to the mix. I haven't done much "low-level" ...
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Designing a Capture The Flag target and game management system

I've attended several CTF contests and I'd like to implement a CTF system for my students. I asked Google about designing such system but it's fruitless. Any ideas?
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Best resources to learn web security attacks? [closed]

Can anyone suggest good resources to learn about vulnerabilities in and attacks on web sites, in a hands-on way, for someone with limited programming experience?
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IT Security and Ethical Hacking [closed]

Hello, programmers, security professionals, hackers and everyone who is interested in information security. I am taking security courses in my university but I found there is only lab so I have to ...
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Any CTF sites besides CTF365 [closed]

I am looking for free ctf sites like ctf365, but I want a challenge and not vulnerable-by-design machines. Any references?
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web applications available for testing?

Is there any way to get hands-on experience with Web Application testing while not working as a tester? Are there any initiatives where people post their production and real-world apps for people to ...
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Where can I practice web-security or network-security? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Servers for penetration testing I'm in a process of learning security of networks and websites. I already practised code reviewing but I want to perform exercise. Is there ...
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