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Making already hashed wordlists of all possible combinations [duplicate]

Let us imagine a situation where a company stores its user passwords (let's ignore salts, etc for now) using some hash (say sha256) and the company gets breached. All of the username and password ...
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Rainbowtable - Start with plain text [duplicate]

I know how to use rainbow tables. I've already read the other questions this topic here. Well but there is still one question left. As an attacker, I usually have a hash value of a password and ...
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When is it best to use a Rainbow Table attack? [duplicate]

Under what circumstances that a Rainbow Table attack is best used?
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How to securely hash passwords?

If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? I should point out that this relates only to retrieval directly from the database,...
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How does hashing work?

I have been interested in Information Security. I was recently introduced to the idea of hashing. What I currently understand about hashing is that it takes the password a user enters. Then it ...
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Is salting a hash really as secure as common knowledge implies?

I'm implementing a salt function for user passwords on my web page, and I'm wondering about some things. A salt is an extension added to a password and then hashed, meaning the password is stored in ...
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Do non-keyboard characters make my password less susceptible to brute forcing?

I can put characters in my password for which there are no keys on a keyboard. On Windows, Alt+#### (with the numpad) inserts the character for whatever code you type in. When I put this in a ...
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Why is using salt more secure?

Storing the hash of users' passwords, e.g. in a database, is insecure since human passwords are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Everyone suggests that this is mitigated via the use of salts, but the ...
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How Does A Random Salt Work? [duplicate]

I don't understand how using a random salt for hashing passwords can work. Perhaps random salt refers to something other than hashing passwords? Here is my thought process: The salt is used to add ...
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Is "real salt" the same as "initialization vectors"?

In the question about real vs. fake salt, the answers describe how real salt 'perturbs the encryption algorithm.' I know roughly how initialization vectors work; is this the same concept, or something ...
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how long does it take to actually generate rainbow tables?

I've been reading up about rainbow tables as I think they're quite interesting cause they're actually a pretty simple concept. Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone been involved in actually generating ...
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Does Rainbow Table Not Require Decompression?

I understand that a rainbow table solves the storage problem when one attacks a password using precomputed hashes. However, since rainbow tables are essentially a compressed version of the hashes--...
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What password cracking software is commonly used?

I am curious to know how secure my passwords are. What password cracking software is commonly used? Preferably open source. EDIT: I am actually looking to crack my passwords used on services I don'...
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What key does Linux use when storing user passwords?

Linux typically stores user names and password hashes in /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow. Now lets say I have an old CentOS distro and I want to attempt to recover a user's password (it's in a legal, ...
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Estimating the size of a rainbow table

What are rainbow tables and how are they used? Gives a very precise answer about what rainbow tables are and how they are used. I had always confused hash-tables and rainbow tables. My question is ...
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