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Why do we even use passwords / passphrases next to biometrics?

In the last couple of days there were a lot of talking about passwords and passphrases, not only here, but on several blogs and forums I follow (especially after XKCD #936 saw the light of this world)....
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Can IP address be a component of 2-factor authentication?

I have a bunch of Linux machines that I wish to administer over the Internet. I currently use SSH keys, but have been advised to use 2-factor authentication. SSH Keys are something you know. Is an IP ...
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Confusion: Why isn't a passhrase encrypted SSH key two factor auth?

I'm trying to figure out the best practices for accessing my dev box from a public terminal. Most sources I've found recommend protecting the box with some kind of two factor authentication, such as ...
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Is it possible to steal money directly from the systems of a big bank?

Sometimes I imagine: My money in the bank is just a floating point number in a mainframe's memory... So, if I just change 1 bit, I will win a lot of money... The most common way to steal money in ...
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Aren't permanantly logged in accounts inherently insecure?

The basic premise behind a "keep me logged in until I log out" feature is a cookie is stored with some identifier that is used to log the user in again when returning to the site. While these ...
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Why does my bank use this card reader for 2FA?

I hold my business account with Lloyds TSB [UK] and the process for logging in to their online banking service(s) is as follows: Login page Enter customer number Enter password Put debit card into ...
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How secure is a password app that stores both the password and two factor secret in one place?

Take for example 1Password, that now can store your password and one time password secret in a single place (your 1Password vault). I know it isn't truly two-factor anymore, but how much better is it ...
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What is the value in asking for a second password for sensitive operations?

When a user has logged in to a system using their primary password, is there any value in asking for a distinct second password when performing sensitive functions? Does it provide any benefit over ...
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How does LastPass' grid multi-factor authentication work behind the scenes?

I understand how to use the Grid multi-factor authentication as a user but how does it work technically? Specifically how can just a few letters from the grid be enough to decrypt any secret defined ...
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How many authentication factors are there?

The three classes that we all know and love: Something you know. Something you have. Something you are. I've also seen references to "somewhere you are". Is this really a fourth factor? How many ...
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What regulations *require* multi-factor authentication?

What industries require multi-factor authentication? Please include the following information: Country Industry Regulation name Additional information as you see relevant. Some additional ...
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