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What to do about ssh breakin attempts [duplicate]

Our system used to get bombarded by bots trying to login to the ssh client on the standard port. After switching to another port number the failed login attempts basically stopped completely. Recently,...
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SSH web server good practises [duplicate]

Is it risky to open the SSH service on a web server (even with a strong password or with RSA keys) ? What are good practises to connect to a web server for maintenance ? Thank you !
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Hardening Linux Server

We have already had questions on here about Hardening Apache, Hardening PHP and Securing SSH. To continue this trend I am interested in what steps people take to harden Linux servers. As in what ...
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The valid role of obscurity

That security through obscurity is A Bad Thing is received wisdom and dogma in information security. Telling people why something is to be avoided can be considerably more difficult when there is no ...
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What is the actual drawback of "CheckHostIP no"?

What are the actual security implications of setting CheckHostIP no in SSH client configuration? There are some discussions about this (eg. and recommendations to set ...
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Security issues related to public keys and SSH

Do I have to mind something specific when using public keys and SSH? Well of course, I have to keep my private key secret (and therefore I should choose a strong pass phrase). But is there something ...
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How to run a Tor exit node securely on a vps

I want to run a TOR exit node on a vps, what security measures do I have to put in place on the vps? I know it will be a huge target for hackers and the three letter word agencies in the USA so I need ...
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Have I been pwned? Public SSH with key

I have a dedicated server with public IP address, opened port 22 and fail2ban running. I am using root account (I know it is wrong but I have to) and I have disabled logins with password. I am using ...
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LAN access from remote router logs

I have a Ubuntu Server into in my network with SSH open, port 22, UFW enabled for that. The SSH is protected with my password and I created another user for my SSH connection. Today I noticed these ...
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Learn about network and security for securing a server

I'm setting up an OpenBSD server that I want to connect to the Internet (it's going to be used to host a site - so, with Apache, SQLite and the like). I want it to be as secure as possible. Social ...
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