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Why do browsers default to http: and not https: for typed in URLs? [duplicate]

When I type without any scheme into the browser bar and press Enter it is interpreted as HTTP://, not HTTPS:// Why? And where are the plans to fix this? (To be ...
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Why are we still using HTTP? [duplicate]

I've been reading a lot of online articles and blogs about advantages of using HTTPS (HTTP over SSL/TLS) and the performance issues involved in deploying a website over HTTPS. What I understood is ...
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Initial requests sent over HTTP by default [duplicate]

Before the invention of HSTS security policy, if a user didn't specify the protocol in the URL, were all the initial requests sent over HTTP by default for every website?
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Can my company see what HTTPS sites I went to?

At work my company uses internet monitoring software (Websense). I know if I visit a https ssl-encrypted site (such as they can't see what I'm doing on the site since all ...
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What are the pros and cons of site wide SSL (https)?

What are the pros and cons of encrypting all HTTP traffic for the whole site through SSL, as opposed to SSL on just the login page?
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Why should I offer HTTP in addition to HTTPS?

I am setting up a new webserver. In addition to TLS/HTTPS, I'm considering implementing Strict-Transport-Security and other HTTPS-enforcement mechanisms. These all seem to be based on the assumption ...
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Are URLs viewed during HTTPS transactions to one or more websites from a single IP distinguishable?

For example, say the following are HTTPS URLs to two websites by one IP over 5 mins: "", "", "", "", "". Would monitoring of packets reveal: nothing, reveal only ...
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Why aren't application downloads routinely done over HTTPS?

We all know we should be using SSL whenever we collect passwords or other sensitive information. SSL provides two main benefits: Encryption: The data can't be read by a middle-man while in transit. ...
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My understanding of how HTTPS works (gmail for example)

I want to ask if my below understanding is correct or not regarding the HTTPS used for the webpage we are visiting. I will use Gmail as an example: My laptop tries to connect to the Gmail server ...
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Can serving HTTPS to Internet Explorer on Windows XP be made secure?

Answers to Why is HTTPS not the default protocol? state that a lot of sites still use clear HTTP instead of HTTPS because all of these are true: A substantial number of visitors to the site use ...
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Man in the middle using HTTPs downgrade to HTTP

In general browsers attempt to establish a HTTPs-Connection if possible. How would you force a browser to fallback to HTTP when somebody enters in the search bar of his/her browser without ...
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Why is the site doing this? Is that a security flaw? In general, I'd be wary about using a http site instead of a https, although regarding truecrypt specifically, I came to trust it. I wonder why not ...
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Why do some HTTPS-enabled websites use HTTP by default?

Some sites like Stack Exchange have an HTTPS version available. But when I type their address or go to them via Google, I get an unencrypted version. This seems to render the HTTPS version totally ...
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If not using HTTPS/SSL/TLS is such a security risk, why don't sites/browsers force HTTPS for all sites that have it?

From my other question Besides Plain-Text passwords, is there anything to worry about with sites that don't use SSL? there are answers that mention all sorts of things that can happen if there is ...
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Can SSL deployment incur performance issues [closed]

Does SSL deployment for secure server-client communication incur any performance overhead? I ask myself, why not just use HTTPS for standard web browsing when it is proven that it protects our privacy?...
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