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Store login credentials securely with JavaScript [duplicate]

Today I have a web application that needs to store the user's email and password, so that when he opens the login screen, the authentication is done automatically. For this, our application saves the ...
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If I store users username and password in cookies, for next time users logged in if they were clicked the remember me, is that a good idea? [duplicate]

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Lessons learned and misconceptions regarding encryption and cryptology

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Good session practices

What are some good practices for ensuring logins, session IDs and session content are secure for a website?
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Is it safe to store the password hash in a cookie and use it for "remember-me" login?

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Implementing 'Remember Me' for a mobile application

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Remember me feature: do we need a server side token if the cookie is signed by the server?

Every resource I find (I, II, III) about how to implement in a secure way the typical "remember me" login feature, recommends storing a user identifier and an associated unique token in the cookie, ...
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What are the implications of storing sensitive data in bookmarklets?

While discussing alternatives for asking the browser to remember your password, one guy suggested using a bookmarklet to store users' credentials. The original answer is in portuguese, but I'll ...
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