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Is http to https port forwarding a vulnerability? [duplicate]

I work in an organisation where a TMG server with port forwarding has been used successfully for a number of years to forward all http traffic to https for a particular web application. This meant ...
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Solution to User Initial HTTP Requests Unencrypted Despite HTTPS Redirection?

It is my understanding that requests from a client browser to a webserver will initially follow the specified protocol e.g, HTTPS, and default to HTTP if not specified (Firefox Tested). On the server ...
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How is HTTP converted to HTTPS when no HSTS is present?

Suppose you have a website Now, you also have an SSL certificate, which means users can access the site securely using But if I just write ...
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How do you prevent sending cookie data over HTTP the first time? [duplicate]

You could use HSTS to tell browser to always use HTTPS in future requests. You could use Cookie Secure flag that from now on only send cookies over HTTPS. You could use DNS based redirect but only ...
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Is https safe enough as of now?

Because of my job I keep traveling around Europe, which means I keep connecting to all kinds of public wireless. In principle I could use a VPN and that should be always safe (is this statement right?...
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Redirection HTTP to HTTPS, can I prevent giving away the URL?

Yes, yet another question on HTTP to HTTPS redirection. But this one talks about a quite quirky situation. This is a follow up question on Security of an initial redirection from ...
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What's the difference between using HSTS and doing a 301 redirection?

If I already have done a 301 redirection from all the HTTP inner pages to HTTPS, why should I use HSTS as well?
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Why is referer checking needed for Django to prevent CSRF

Today I learned that Django's CSRF protection uses refer(r)er header checking in addition to checking a hidden form field against a cookie. It seems to be important, judging from docs and issue below. ...
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Disadvantages of Using a VPN?

I've got a yearly subscription to a VPN service which is real quick and from the research I did at the time seems to be pretty legitimate, but are there any disadvantages or scenarios where you ...
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Bank login in foreign country

I have friends andfamily that travel/live in foreign countries and compromised unsecure wireless networks and credit card scanners have always been a problem. I was recently asked a question about ...
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What are HSTS Super Cookies?

A few questions : What are HSTS super cookie? How do they work? Why is possible to access them from multiple domains? Do I have to worry and if yes, how to mitigate their effect? Sources http://...
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Data Security on a Malicious WiFi Network

Let's assume that I unwittingly connect to a malicious WiFi network and visit some websites. By malicious, I mean the network has been set up for the purpose of stealing data. From what I've read, ...
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Flash cookie and man-in-the-middle

I am using the Scala Play web framework. In it, there is a PLAY_FLASH cookie used to flash messages to the user (it's a cookie so it will still work after several redirects). I put HTML in the cookie ...
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Mitigating SSLStrip by only serving a site over HTTPS?

So I just learned about SSLStrip now--I feel like I'm so late to the game. What I want to know is: If your site only serves content over HTTPS and hard fails on HTTP requests, with no redirect, are ...
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Double Submit Cookies vulnerabilities

Is the Double Submit Cookies mechanism vulnerable anything other than XSS and sub-domain attacks? All CSRF protection mechanisms are vulnerable to XSS, so that's nothing new. I'm just wondering if I ...
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