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Why Aren't CA Private Keys Vulnerable to Brute Force Hacking [duplicate]

I have read a bit about encryption up to this point and understand that server certificates are validated by having a Certificate Authority validate that certificate contents match the digital ...
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SSH - If Eve has the passphrase and public key, can she derive the private key?

I have used ssh-keygen for creating an RSA 4096-bit SSH private and public key pair. I used a passphrase for the private key. If an attacker, Eve, knows the passphrase in addition to the public key: ...
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How often should an SSH key pair be changed?

I've been using a 1024-bit RSA key for passwordless SSH between my own systems for years. More recently I've also started using it for passwordless access to my hosting providers and to source code ...
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Encryption and the "security time decay" of prior encrypted data

This question is on the assumption that any data once encrypted, may (eventually) be decrypted through Brute force (compute power/time) Exploits in the cryptography used Theft of private keys Most ...
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LUKS, how to make strongest possible and reasonable passphrase?

Let us say I have a volume encrypted under LUKS with a 512-bit key. That would mean there are 2 ^ 512 possible values which the key may be. Now I need a passphrase which is at least as resistant to ...
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Encrypting IP addresses in a MySQL database

I'd like to encrypt IP addresses in my MySQL database, with the following constraints: Does not need to be resistant to attackers that can execute queries. Must be resistant to attackers that have ...
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Should I use more than 2048 bits in my SSH-2 RSA Key?

I've been asked to generate a public key with PuTTY key generator. The default is 2048 bits, should I add additional bits to the generated key? Or is it unnecessary?
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Is it possible to decrypt a PGP encrypted file without private key?

I had been using my own PGP key (RSA/1024) for more than 15 years. That key is my identify on the Internet for a long time, and also be used for encrypting a huge data. Recently, my colleagues told ...
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Cryptography key gathering tool [closed]

I am wondering if there exist a tools which can return the value of the one of the private key if the following are known: 1) Encryption Algorithm 2) Public key 3) Plain text 4) Cipher text Or may be ...
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Strength of key pair

I'm trying to find a basis for comparing key pair based authentication with password based authentication, and their relative resistance to guessing / brute force attacks. I appreciate that a user-...
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How often should an SSH key pair be changed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How often should an SSH key pair be changed? I've been using a passphrase-protected 1024-bit RSA key for passwordless SSH via ssh-agent between my own systems for years. More ...
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