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Why are there recommendations to change passwords with certain intervals? If I have a good password, e.g. a long wrongspelled odd sentence with a couple of special characters thrown in, why is the ...
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Best way to encrypt data using php - I am not sure if I doing it correctly [duplicate]

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What's the idea behind requiring users to change password periodically? [duplicate]

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Is there any real security benefit to forced password change intervals? [duplicate]

This question is quite basic, but it bugs me and I'm sure it bugs a lot of other people as well. What is the real security benefit to forcing users to change their password say every 60 days or every ...
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Requiring regular password change counterproductive [duplicate]

According to "There have been multiple studies that have shown requiring frequent password ...
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What are the security implications of the password policy for this bank? [duplicate]

I am aware of a bank (redacted for obvious reasons) that has the following password policy. Only English alphanumeric characters Min of 8, max of 14 characters No special characters (ex. !@#$%^&* ...
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password aging, advantages and disadvantages [duplicate]

What is the advantages and disadvantages of password aging? Should we apply password aging policies? Thanks a lot.
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XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?

How accurate is this XKCD comic from August 10, 2011? I've always been an advocate of long rather than complex passwords, but most security people (at least the ones that I've talked to) are against ...
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How to securely hash passwords?

If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? I should point out that this relates only to retrieval directly from the database,...
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Is it acceptable practice to only increment a number when changing a password?

Note: I'm not asking about this password scheme is the best or not (of course it isn't); I'm asking about its theoretical or practical secureness relative to the optimal password scheme based on the ...
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Are passwords that are manually typed in really unrecoverable from memory or disk?

As part of an increase in the security measures for our company, we're moving to making sure all password logins (databases, servers, etc), are done through a password prompt and never using stored ...
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If password expiration is applied, should door-lock expiration be applied too?

After reading some topics on here about password expiration, and also after reading this comment, a question arose in my mind: if we apply password expiration for the safety of users, should our door ...
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How to strike a balance between security policies and practical implementation challenges? [duplicate]

At our organization, we came across some frequent incidents such as: Reported successful password guessing attacks Frequent password reset complaints We started an investigation to identify the ...
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Why is "something you know" the weakest factor of authentication?

Quoting from CompTIA Security+ guide The first factor of authentication (something you know, such as password or PIN) is the weakest factor. Why? it makes sense when we say that humans/users are ...
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