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Why use a Smartcard for (Two Factor) Auth instead of another medium?

I recently installed Bitlocker on my Windows 8.1 machine, using only a password. I was thinking of getting something other than just a password for my storage drive, something physical, like a USB, SD ...
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Why EMV cards cannot be cloned?

It's frequently stated that EMV cards cannot be cloned. I'd like to know, specially with commodity smart card readers/ writers, why is this true? What specific data cannot be read using commodity ...
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Cryptography behind chip based credit cards (smart cards)?

Why are chips safer than magnetic stripes? The answers to the above question explain that the chip based cards can not be cloned as the "secret number" is embedded in the chip and protected by the ...
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How easy is it to make a malicious bank/identity card?

I recently got a magnetic card reader that plugs into my computer because I was bored. I decided to scan my ID and bank card through it and I was surprised to see my ID number/bank card number show up ...
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Bank cards - chips vs mag stripe security

In this thread: Why are chips safer than magnetic stripes? the answers all seem to be that the chip cards are far more secure and difficult to copy. Here is my problem, and my question. A couple of ...
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Is credit/debit card's chip programming clone to another empty chip card [duplicate]

Card's magnetic strip and chip should programmed by banking system. Is there any chance to clone same programming to another chip and magnetic strip empty card? By doing this, our cards may be ...
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Why is using the chip in chip-cards required at manned points of sale?

Chip cards are more secure because they prevent cloning. Chip cards also have the magstripe for backward compatibility. In my recent experience at supermarkets in California, using the chip takes a ...
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Credit card fraud preventions [duplicate]

Ok lets say some one have clone my debit card here in Greece all debit cards have and stripe and chip and lets say in a way he knows my pin and all my information and he put the info on a blank card ...
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Momentarily unencrypted Payment cards

Momentarily unencrypted Payment cards I read about the cyber-attacks related to the momentarily unencrypted payment processing data at the point of sales devices. Technically, how is it possible? ...
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Do the new chipped cards prevent skimming? [duplicate]

In the United States credit cards with electronic "chips" are being rolled out. My impression is that the idea is prevent skimming, the practice of waiters and other card handlers to secretly swipe a ...
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How do chipped credit cards increase security? [duplicate]

So I've looked at various articles trying to understand how chipped credit cards increase security over traditional credit cards. In the times I've used my card with a chipped reader (wally world, ...
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