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OpenSSL Heartbeat (Heartbleed bug) - what's the payload used for? [duplicate]

So the heartbeat bug can lead to memory read overrun, exposing (parts of) the process memory, because it reads the payload when there actually is no (or less) payload. But what do you need a payload ...
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Where/what is the actual HeartBleed bug? [duplicate]

I've read lots of reports of the HeartBleed bug but have not been able to find a description at the source-code level, such as this one for the goto fail bug. Can anyone provide, or point to, such an ...
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How does the Heartbleed exploit work? [duplicate]

I was wondering, what it means in the Heartbleed exploit. Let me explain. I'm trying to understand what does "hello" and "heartbeat" mean. Example: hello = h2bin("16 03 02 00 dc 01 00 00 d8 03 02 53 ...
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Ability to decrypt intercepted encrypted SSL traffic when having private key [duplicate]

I was reading some blog posts about the Heartbleed vulnerability (who's not nowadays) and was thinking about the following. Situation A If I would use a regular SSL/TLS connection the handshake will ...
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What should a website operator do about the Heartbleed OpenSSL exploit?

CVE-2014-0160 This is supposed to be a canonical question on dealing with the Heartbeat exploit. I run an Apache web server with OpenSSL, as well as a few other utilities ...
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Does the heartbleed vulnerability affect clients as severely?

If I have a web crawler (using a non-patched version of OpenSSL) that can be coaxed to connect to an evil https-site, can they get everything from my process memory? To attack a server you can keep ...
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My IP address (with a NAS) is targeted by a hacker. What to do? Should I be worried?

I've noticed, based on the logging of my NAS, that my IP address is targeted by a hacker. I already took action by automaticly ban the IP address permanently after five unsuccesful login attemps. ...
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Are all SSL/TLS implementations vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug? [closed]

I've learned the theory behind the SSL/TLS protocols and how effective they are to achieve a secure communication between clients and servers. Do all the implementations OpenSSL, PolarSSL, MatrixSSL, ...
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How paranoid should the average user be about heartbleed? [duplicate]

Questions about Heartbleed have been showing up in the popular questions list today since morning, from the security stack exchange to android I have been reading many of them, most of them are ...
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Does overstate heartbleed's capability?

Today's xkcd has characters discussing heartbleed: Megan: I mean, this bug isn't just broken encryption. Megan: It lets website visitors make a server dispense random memory contents. Megan: It's ...
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Heartbleed and heap management - Why user data and passwords are kept in memory?

If I understand correctly the hearbleed vulnerability, only the heap of the OpenSSL process can be retrieved by an attacker (or part of depending on the memory allocation type that is used). Then, how ...
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