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How to safely wipe a USB flash drive [duplicate]

I want to wipe all residual data left behind even after a format on a regular 64GB fash drive, the ones someone can scan and recover data. What's the most efficient but quickest way to do this? Any ...
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SSD is formatted twice and filled twice. Can i recover old deleted data? [duplicate]

I need to recover some old data which were stored on a drive. The data were deleted and the hard drive was formatted twice and filled twice with random data intentionally. First the drive had a ...
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Can you securely wipe an SSD by filling the remaining space with bogus data? [duplicate]

It's been established that, thanks to our good friend Mr. Wear Leveler, wiping data from an SSD is very difficult. I understand that the one thing you don't want to do is actually attempt to shred ...
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Reccomended way to securely erase SSD storage of a smartphone? [duplicate]

As far as what I understand there are different approaches and I have a few doubts regarding each of them: On the one hand, it seems that factory reset does not securely erase itself data from SSD ...
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Secure way to wipe an entire SSD? [duplicate]

I've read some articles and they appear to suggest the idea of using the dd command to wipe an entire SSD before encrypting it. The drive in question is a Samsung 970 EVO PCIe NVMe V-NAND M.2 2280 ...
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If I re-install an encrypted version of Ubuntu on my laptop and fill my entire SSD up with a large .txt file, does this securely wipe the SSD? [duplicate]

I'm looking for an easy way to securely wipe the SSD of my Ubuntu machine. As I'm using a fairly new Dell XPS 13 and am quite a noob with Ubuntu I don't want to use any fancy commands, that might ...
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How can I reliably erase all information on a hard drive?

As storage technologies change over time, using different encodings and remappings to deal with sector errors, the best way to permanently erase/wipe/shred data changes also. Methods for flash drives ...
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Can wiped SSD data be recovered?

I was reading another post on destroying IDE drives, and how you could remove data, wipe it, or just destroy the drive. The removed data would still be there in some state, although not easily ...
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I'm leaving my job and want to erase as many personal details etc. as possible; any tips?

Obviously this is very open-ended. But, I'm just paranoid about people going through everything on my laptop after I leave my job. Here are the things I'm planning to do: Completely wipe all browser ...
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Why is writing zeros (or random data) over a hard drive used when writing all ones is more beneficial? [duplicate]

As far as I know, in order to securely delete the hard drive's contents, one should fill it with zeroes or, for added security and harder recoverability, random data first and then all zeroes. In ...
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Is it possible to completely wipe a flash memory? [duplicate]

i have a 64 gb micro SDXC memory card that has sensitive files on it and i want to completely erase it but i heard it was impossible to be sure that your data was erased because of wear leveling ? The ...
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Writing file shredder

I want to write a simple file shredder in c++, i.e. a program that deletes a file so that it is not recoverable. Would the following be a secure and correct way to do that? (1) Open the file with ...
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Have anyone tried to extract the encryption key from a SSD?

After reading this forum thread it does not sound like encrypted SSDs provide much protection at all - specifically encryption only occurs between the controller chipset and the NAND storage. Why is ...
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How do I prevent SSD file recovery?

I use a Kingston V300 SSD (specifically SV300S37A) According to this answer The 'best' modern drives support a vendor-specific secure erase functionality. Examples of this are Intels new 320 ...
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Do Flash memory (SSD) architecture impacts encryption techniques?

I'm working on encryption techniques on SSD's and my question is: does the erase before write architecture of SSD's has anything to do with the encryption technique? What are the problems I might ...
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