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How can I make a strong password that's easy to remember? Is the 4 Word method safe? [duplicate]

I have heard of the method of using 4 random dictionary words, it gives you lots of characters and is easy to remember. But that seems to be open to dictionary attacks, especially if the attacker has ...
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Is randomly generating passwords from an assortment of dictionary words cryptographically secure? [duplicate]

We should all know the XKCD comic on password strength, suggesting (appropriately) that a password based on multiple common words is more secure and memorable than a password such as Aw3s0m3s4u(3 or ...
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Are passwords made up from concatenating a few foreign words better than shorter random characters? [duplicate]

Does it make sense to insert a foreign word into a paraphrase to mitigate against brute force? For example: "pussiMeansCatInEskimo" "caballoMeansHorse" "CatIsGatto" "SalopeMeansBitch" "...
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Does brute-force time depend on the length of a password only? [duplicate]

If a password is +30 characters long but contains words from the dictionary, is it less secure than a 10-character password that is !@#$#%$^%$, for example?
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Password Security Length vs. Complexity [duplicate]

I am working on a password policy and had some questions about password/passphrase strength: For password strength, is a shorter more complex password stronger or weaker than a much longer, less ...
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Why are passwords with special characters considered more secure than longer length passwords? [duplicate]

For example, OWASP considers 10-128 characters, with lower, upper, digit, and special characters (I don't get why there's an upper limit). Using the OWASP's minimum guidelines and assuming there are ...
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How does the password Tr0ub4dor&3 have ~28 bits of entropy? [duplicate]

I rencently seen this : I can't figure out, how he computes 28 bits of entropy for a password like "Tr0ub4dor&3" seems really few...
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Long Passwords: How are they more secure? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase? How are long passwords more secure? The only situation in which I can accept long passwords are more secure ...
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How effective are password checking websites? [duplicate]

I typed the following password in yummy candy yummy It said it would take 100 billion years for a personal computer to crack. Is this accurate? Even though it has English ...
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Why are lengthy passwords stronger than complex ones? [duplicate]

So all my life I've been listening to people tell me to make my password complex: upper case / lower case / numeric / symbols. Recently though I've been reading / seeing that length above all seems to ...
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How secure are sentence passwords? [duplicate]

Lately I've been doing the trend of using passwords that are sentences, at least on sites that have a reasonable maximum character length and allow spaces. So for example the most basic variation is '...
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Choose a good password for full disk encryption [duplicate]

I have recently decided to encrypt my Gentoo Linux installation. I am going to use cryptsetup with LVM. LVM filesystem will be placed inside encrypted dm-crypt partition. I have problem with ...
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Longer passwords vs Password Composition Rule [duplicate]

Password composition rule is being considered as a burden for the users and some experts are recommending the increase in the password length instead of enforcing users to comply with the composition ...
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How to make a strong password? [duplicate]

I always hear conflicting things. Should I use a long sentence? Or is this privy to dictionary attacks? Or should I use a long string of random alphanumeric garbage with upper/lowercase and numbers/...
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Would it better to enforce more complex passwords or passphrases? [duplicate]

I have read in different places that passphrases offer better security and are more user friendly however, I have also read contradictory information thats says longer passwords are not really more ...
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