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I use an online email provider - how can I test my password strength?

I want to test my password strength, is there a program out there that can crack my password relatively quickly? I am familiar with BackTrack 5, but I usually use it to test WEP password strength. I ...
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how to deal with passwords

When implementing a login / password checking mechanism, should one check if a given password is already in use (I'm aware that knowing that a given password is already in use presents a risk of brute ...
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User account password encryption by web based emails service providers?

Do web based email providers like Gmail, hotmail encrypt user account passwords when saving them to their database? If they do, why does account information get leaked after a hack?
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Convincing client to drop password validation rules

My client wants to include some rules to validate the passwords his clients can choose when creating a new account. Since his company handles sensitive client data, I think I want to convince him to ...
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How safe is a password generated from words? [duplicate]

I loathe passwords with completely random letters and digits. It's so much nicer to have a password made up of proper words. Even if the total length is much longer, it's easier to memorize, ...
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