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Is there a method of generating site-specific passwords which can be executed in my own head?

I was thinking recently about password security. My goal is to have mostly random passwords, that are different for each site. But you also should be able to remember them (or re-generate them) ...
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Length of passwords that are rainbow table safe

With large computing power (like what you can get in the Amazon cloud for example) you can generate huge rainbow tables for passwords. There also seems to be some large rainbow tables reachable that ...
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How can I know that developers will be ethical and not record my password in plaintext

I am not asking why hashing should be done. Instead, I want to know how to prevent that developers record user passwords to hack their user's other accounts, especially their email. Couldn't they ...
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How secure are passwords made of whole english sentences

I often read as an advice to build strong passwords, just to think about a sentence and then take the initial letters. For example take a nonsense sentence like "I watch Grey's Anatomy at 9.40" gives ...
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Are password complexity rules counterproductive?

In creating a login for this site I chose a nondictionary password that would be extremely hard to guess, but easy to remember. I was told that it did not meet complexity rules. After several ...
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If a Windows laptop with an encrypted hard disk is stolen, can the contents be accessed by a professional hacker? [closed]

In other words, how easy is it to break into Windows without having the passwords for any of the users configured in the computer?
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How to generate easy to type passwords without sacrificing security?

How can one generate a password that is easy to type but does not sacrifice security? An example of a password that is easy to type but sacrifices security (I imagine) would be qwe123!@#. For this ...
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What considerations do I need to keep in mind when enforcing passphrases?

According to XKCD: Password Strength, if the password consists of “four random common words”, it will be secure and memorable. I want to make a web application and make users create their passwords ...
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Would a VM such as Virtualbox be my best option for everyday security while working?

I run a small business out of my home and I'm not really doing anything labor intensive, no games and I'm not cutting any code or anything of that nature. A lot of what I do is phone based sales, so I'...
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Who is responsible for the strength of user's passwords?

Who is responsible for a user's password's strength? Is it us (developers, architects, etc.) or the user? As a web developer, I've frequently wondered whether I should enforce the minimal password ...
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Password strength of random words and brainflayer

I have read from multiple sources that it might be better to have a password composed of several random words since this is easier to remember than a random sequence of characters. For example this ...
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Are there any guidelines for passwords that need to be read out loud?

I recently saw the movie Olympus Has Fallen. Like in many action movies, at the end a missile is launched, and the hero (Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler) has 60 seconds to recall the launch in ...
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Intel How Strong is Your Password page, good advice?

I came across this Intel How Strong is Your Password? page which estimates how strong your password is. It has some advice on choosing better passwords including that you should use multiple ...
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Redacting URLs as an email-phishing preventative?

In a large organization (e.g., a city staff), relying on human behavior to prevent phishing attacks isn't nearly effective enough. While it would be somewhat inconvenient (security usually is), I'm ...
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Best password strength checker

In XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase? Jeff claimed that password cracking with "dictionary words separated by spaces", or "a complete sentence with punctuation", or "...
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