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Is LUKS still an effective option for consumer FDE considering Elcomsoft can break it?

I use Fedora Linux and was recently looking into doing Full Disk Encryption on data drives such as /home on some of my / my family's PCs. I understand that LUKS security will be partially dependent on ...
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What maximum password length to choose when using bcrypt?

When I generated password for GitHub with KeePass I got a message on GitHub site that said the limit for password length is 72 characters. It seemed weird it not being a power of 2 so I googled a bit ...
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What is the point in having arbitrary username requirements?

I've looked around on Security.SE, but couldn't find much related to the following problem: I recently signed up for Chase Quick Pay as my method of being paid by a part-time job. I've heard of ...
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Do spaces in a passphrase really add any more security/entropy?

I often see passphrase suggestions written as a sentence, with spaces. In that format are they more susceptible to a dictionary attack because each word is on it's own as opposed to a large unbroken ...
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Can a dictionary attack crack a Diceware passphrase?

Everyone knows the words used in Diceware passwords (all 6^5 = 7776 words are published) -- they're all common words. Everyone seems to know that we're not supposed to use dictionary words for ...
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Why do most browsers store browsing history by default?

Why do most browsers store browsing history by default? It seems like people often have to go to the hassle of manually deleting their history or using incognito mode. Are there some major advantages ...
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Can 777-characters long passphrase be considered too short?

Is's password tool a reliable tool for password strength checking? I am asking because: I am getting confusing suggestions: (the password in this example is 777 characters long) D. W.'s ...
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Defense against attacks using dictionaries

Some forms of attacks on passwords use dictionaries. It is safer to use nonsense passwords like YunSUanLin, Artibichoke, etc., which do not seem to pertain to any dictionary?
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Are passwords comprised of key sequences on a keyboard any less secure than the same characters but jumbled up?

Here are two passwords: 5678%^&*tyuiTYUI and 8^tyU75%*IuY6T&i Both have the same number of characters and in each the characters are identical, the only difference is that the first ...
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When encrypting cloud-stored data, is it acceptable to use the user's account password?

I'm developing a web service that stores sensitive personal information (such as telephone numbers, addresses, full names, and email addresses) in a database, such that it can be accessed from ...
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How quickly can these password schemes really be beaten?

If you use a quick hashing algorithm like MD5 or SHA-1 to hash passwords and you don't use any salt at all, how quickly could one expect a hacker to find my password out? If I use a truly random salt ...
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Security of a non-random password but that relies on information an attacker cannot possibly know

I am trying to figure out whether a non-random password that relies on information an attacker cannot possibly know can be secure. To give an example, let’s say that I generate my password by putting ...
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Why do password requirements exist while limiting the upper character count? [duplicate]

I do not quite understand why it is common practice to require a difficult to remember password with alphanumeric and special character requirements, while also having an upper limit of 32 characters. ...
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what are good requirements for a password

I'm making a website and I'm deciding on the password policy. What does make a good password? I really have no idea. I guess passwords should be at least 6 characters long. EDIT: are there any ...
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Keyboard sniffing through audio recorded typing patterns

I've been thinking about this for a while; I know people are aware of wireless wiretapping of keyboards. However, has there been research on how to wiretap keyboards based on typing patterns? I'm ...
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