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KeePassXC & Yubikey HMAC-SHA-1 vs 40+ Character Password

Looking at the implementation of the Yubikey 4 HMAC-SHA1 mode for KeePassXC, I want to know: Isn't the HMAC-SHA1 challenge response less secure than a 40+ character password? From what I know, the ...
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Are 21 characters enough to restore a PGP key?

The german e-mail hoster offers PGP encryption with Mailvelope now. To transfer your private key to another browser, you can use a 21 characters long recover key. How does this affect the ...
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Usefulness of bcrypt(UUIDv4())

One of my colleagues is working on securing OAuth 2 client IDs and secrets for our OAuth server and he has come up with this scheme where he would not only use UUID v4 to generate random values, but ...
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Is there a PRNG in Java with a period of at least 256 bits?

From what I can tell, Sun JRE/JDK's are limited to only providing 128-bit strong cryptography without downloading an unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files. My question is, if I install theses ...
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How long can a pkcs#8 passphrase be?

A program is using a private key to read messages. To improve security, besides randomness, I'm trying to create the longest passphrase that makes sense. How long should it be? After which amount of (...
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PHP - Does password_hash/Argon2i effectively truncate passwords after certain length?

If I'm not wrong, by default PHP's password_hash with PASSWORD_ARGON2I outputs a 43-character alphanumeric hash among other things. While this means that simple passwords that are shorter than 43 ...
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Does pppd encrypt traffic?

There is pppd program that can be used to create point-to-point conections over various channels (including other network). It supports authentication and compression. But does it encrypt traffic or ...
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How easily could a global network of machines break cryptography? [closed]

Suppose the NSA through legal means, or a malware group through illegal means has access to enormous computational resources via a backdoor into all Microsoft Windows machines (or some significant ...
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