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How client and server exchanges keys over Tor network using HTTPS? [duplicate]

When someone uses a browser to connect to via Tor network, the client needs to exchange a key with Google in order to keep all the data hidden from the exit node, right? Otherwise, ...
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MITM attack on public wi-fi and ISP wired connection [duplicate]

I know how MITM attacks work (theory/videos on the subject etc), but I am a bit confused and not sure what are the worst-case scenarios that can happen. If I'm using a public VPN and someone is indeed ...
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How does TLS stop an ISP from spying on you [duplicate]

Here is what I understand about how clients trust the tcp channels they are connected to. Alice asks Bob for his certificate, signed by a CA's private key Bob sends the certificate, which includes ...
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How can HTTPS be secure when used over open/cracked WiFi? [duplicate]

In the top answer to Consequences of the WPA2 KRACK attack it is recommended: Generally, use HTTPS for anything that needs to be secure (you should do this anyway, also over ethernet, but ...
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TLS working and the symmetric key exchange

Is this TLS working correct? Using facebook as e.g. here - The CA has it's own pub and pvt key. CA gives fb a pub and pvt key All browsers have the CA pub key already - the root cert. When ...
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ssl - Can the attacker generate his own symmetric key if ClientHello and ServerHello are intercepted?

After reading this awesome explanation of how SSL works, I now have a confusion. The answer states that the first messages of SSL are ClientHello and ServerHello(in response to ClientHello). Both of ...
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SSH - If Eve has the passphrase and public key, can she derive the private key?

I have used ssh-keygen for creating an RSA 4096-bit SSH private and public key pair. I used a passphrase for the private key. If an attacker, Eve, knows the passphrase in addition to the public key: ...
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What would be a simple example of an asymmetric encryption function (asymmetric function)?

I am trying to understand RSA encryption but the algorithm seems quite complex. I know that with asymmetric encryption you use a key and a function to encrypt data and a different function to decrypt ...
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Security of OpenVPN against sophisticated DPI solution

I'm planing to build a device (prototype) that act as a portable security gateway. To make this, I choosed OpenWRT running on Raspberry Pi with OpenVPN for VPN connection. My main purpose of this ...
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Why can't I MitM a Diffie-Hellman key exchange?

After reading the selected answer of "Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange" in plain English 5 times I can't, for the life of me, understand how it protects me from a MitM attack. Given the ...
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Can a wifi provider decrypt HTTPS usind MITM without users noticing? [duplicate]

As a router, can I send forged certificates, and intercept requests to CA and return responses that they are valid. So I could MITM all https traffic, and spy on my users?
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How do certificates work in protecting against a man-in-the-middle attack? [duplicate]

As I understand it, if Alice and Bob wants to communicate securely, they must first agree on the protocols that will be used. Then they must confirm that they are indeed communicating with each other. ...
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How can a connection be secure, if somebody observes it from the beginning? [duplicate]

If somebody observes a connention between client, and the server, then he can see the keys, by the following data encrypted is. As far as I know, if I connect to a server, then it sends me some keys, ...
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TLS Authentication/OpenVPN/MITM Attacks on Public Wifi [duplicate]

My question is about how an SSL VPN connection such as OpenVPN is protected against MITM/Spoofing attacks on a public Wifi. For example, if somebody has a 'pineapple' or router setup as a honeypot ...
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CSR from IIS 8 and Keeping my Private Key a Secret

I've been trying to understand something. When you generate a CSR from IIS, how is the private key kept as a secret, or is it? Do CA's email you a certificate that includes your private key? Because ...
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