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Why does Windows store Wi-Fi passwords in a reversible format?

Running netsh wlan export profile key=clear in PowerShell will dump your current stored Wi-Fi settings, including the password, into xml files inside of whatever directory you are currently in. Why ...
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Four-way Handshake in WPA-Personal (WPA-PSK)

Can someone explain to me in what consists the Four-way Handshake in WPA-Personal (WPA with Pre-Shared Key), which informations are being sent between AP and client, how is it possible to find the AP ...
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What is stronger - WPA2 Enterprise with 2048 bit key, or Personal with 63 character passphrase?

Which of the two following has a stronger cryptographic strength in withstanding brute-force attacks? WPA/WPA2 Enterprise using 2048-bit RSA public-key WPA/WPA2 Personal using 63-character ...
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WPA2 Enterprise AES encryption key size?

I have recently set up a RADIUS server with EAP for my wireless router, however, I have some questions about the key size and how WPA2 enterprise (AES) works in general. I have read that in ...
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Encrypt WiFi connection per connected user

One of the questions that comes on quite often is about WiFi encryption. Now imagine that you have multiple users connecting to one AP. With a simple WPA2 protection setup they can still sniff each ...
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How exactly does WPA2-PSK work?

I'm trying to understand how PSK works. Here's what I think I know so far: PSK is just the password you enter to connect to the router in your home, the PSK is stored on the router. You combine the ...
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What is EAPOL payload in WPA2 Cracking?

I am currently working on a python script to crack WPA2. From this SO question: How exactly does 4-way handshake cracking work? I've all of the necessary fields as described, i.e. Addresses, NONCES,...
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Can brute force or dictionary attacks be detected when using the WiFi protocol?

Can the WiFi protocol recognize when a brute force or dictionary attack on it is occurring? WiFi gives the user an authentication failed message after entering an incorrect WiFi password several times....
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WPA/WPA2 Handshake -- A question on the computation of the MIC

During the WPA/WPA2 4-way handshake, the first two steps are as follows. (1) The AP sends an ANonce to the client, (2) The client computes its own Nonce (SNonce), computes the Preshared Transient Key (...
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Is brute force for SSH similar to cracking WPA2 handshake?

I heard recently that WPA2 passwords can be brute forced if somebody captures handshake (which is not very difficult). Can somebody tell if a similar method exists for cracking SSH traffic? I mean ...
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