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Do VPNs really mask your identity or is it a facade? [duplicate]

Disclaimer: This is NOT intended to educate myself or others on carrying out illegal activities. I am interested in security topics and as a craftsman I pride myself on continued education. THAT SAID: ...
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How secure is the TAP Windows Adapter V9? [duplicate]

I use Cyberghost to browse the web on public wifi. How secure is the network adapter? Cyberghost uses OpenVPN which utilizes TAP Windows Adapter V9. I am asking this, because I believe at the ...
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How secure is VPN addons for browsers [duplicate]

I regularly uses VPN addons like browsec, Zenmate etc in my browser. These addons/Plugin boast about hiding IPs, bypass firewalls, faster and encrypted services, tracking protection etc which they ...
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Are VPN tunnels really completely private? [duplicate]

I've been considering a VPN tunnel, specifically PIA. These types of companies make bold claims of complete anonymity and privacy, with no one in the world (ISP's, governments, school or corporate ...
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Hiding my activity from mobile service provider [duplicate]

Ok there is mobile service provider which also happens to be providing mobile internet. Now, I am interested to hide my activity from that provider. e.g. it can't see my browsing habbit. Basically ...
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Deanonimizing VPN/tor traffic [duplicate]

What a VPN does is take the encrypted traffic from the client, decrypt it and forward it to the server, while tor bounces the traffic in multiple nodes decrypting a layer at each node. I have some ...
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Is a VPN enough to hide my trafic from my schools IT department? [duplicate]

At my school we log on WiFi with a personal login. If I wanted to hide the traffic from my computer from the network administrators would it be enough for me to use a VPN service like for example ...
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Is it safe to access HTTP sites from Tor?

Somewhere I read that you should only open HTTPS links on Tor because otherwise your ISP for example could read the webpages you visit. I searched on the subject and somewhere else I read that the ...
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How safe is it to connect to Internet through VPN?

Sometimes I connect to the Internet using a VPN connection to be able to access the blocked websites. I've got a few questions regarding this: Are my important data (like my credentials) vulnerable ...
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Onion routing vs crowds

I have been studying about computer security and at some point i came across the terms of onion routing and crowds. From what i have understood they are very similar in their usage (interchangeable). ...
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Is using Tor and VPN combination more secure?

I have been reading more about Tor and its risks to personal data leakage to the exit nodes in the chain. This last node can snatch encryption keys or log in information of websites I may have ...
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How to increase anonymity of Tor

I need some system to gain a high level anonymity - nobody should have the possibility to figure out my IP. I can use Tor, but I do not completely trust to it. So I have an idea for a system with high ...
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Decrypting TOR traffic?

Is there any way to decrypt tor traffic from an exit node or relay? I know it's possible to analyze the traffic using something like tcpflow or tcpdump, but it comes back as encrypted giberish. Is ...
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Is a VPN really secure at the VPN providers side? [closed]

Please forgive my basic ignorance regarding a VPN connection. As I understand it, a VPN connection encrypts all the data between my computer and the VPN provider. Thus preventing my ISP from seeing ...
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Does the server administrator see what sites I visit

I have seen a lot of answers but here is the peculiarity of mine. In the office we all have a login to the WiFi, First with that login, if I use Tor will my visited sites still be logged by the ...
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