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Why does the majority of email spam even exist? [duplicate]

This is a serious question and I have thought about it a lot. Not a newbie question. I am unsatisfied with the common answers they try to sell things they try to scam you they try to do phishing they ...
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What is the point of gibberish spam

I fairly often happen across forums spammed with messages such as: Arugula (Eruca sativa) is an quarterly green, pretended or roquette. It's been Traditional times, overclever 20 flat has be ...
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What is the purpose of these weird non-spam emails?

A mail made it through the spam filter and i wonder what the purpose is. It is not spam. Tracking? But how? Who? and why? In the source code there are this weird passages like ... =EA=85=9F =EA=8F=...
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Is this a phishing email?

I've just received the strangest email: I don't understand why anyone would send an email like this. It doesn't look to be asking for credentials of any kind. Is this a scam which is designed for ...
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Got an e-mail with weird text and an .htm attachment. What does it do?

Here's the text from that e-mail (no subject) 31725714 65 TJBPYEW YBTLI UNILPW FPW J II NSWKW LGKJQBS PVGVQX ZEWW WQUWFZ VT Here's the code from the attachment I extracted with Notepad++: https://...
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Phishing emails sent to my contacts, from another contact [duplicate]

Some people on my email contact list have been receiving phishing emails that appear to come from someone else on my contact list. The people receiving the emails and the person purportedly sending ...
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What is the use of this spam email? [duplicate]

Monday morning, and I've opened my company email box to find this an e-mail with the following message (no HTML, just text/plain - it was sent to a distribution group). Some of the headers: X-Mailer:...
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Is this some kind of Bayesian poisoning?

So I've been reading my spam lately, and today I received this: To: my actual email, but with a name found here: (only hit on Google) Subject: one seemingly random excerpt of a web ...
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What kind of loophole are spam messages, containing just a few words and no links, trying to exploit?

I recently built a website using Django. It has a contact form and some minimal pages about me and my work portfolio. I have been getting a few spam messages a day and their content intrigues me (...
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Bots trying to spoof encoded email links, but why?

I've setup an application for my client, that sends lists of job vacancies to subscribers every Monday morning. The emails use a custom link redirector service, to make the links email friendly, and ...
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