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Is it bad practice to ask only for individual characters of a password? [duplicate]

Some financial websites that I use use passwords in a peculiar way. Instead of asking me the whole password string, they only ask me to enter e.g. "3rd, 5th and 8th character of your password", i.e. a ...
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password prompt security feature [duplicate]

Got this when requested to enter my password. How is something like this enhancing security ? Is it each time taking random set of index locations and compare it's hash against a database?
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Is there any merit to only asking for part of a user's password? [duplicate]

The HSBC UK online banking website has a strangely convoluted login system that I haven't seen anywhere else before, and which I'm concerned is ineffectual and compromises security. It works like this:...
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How do some sites (e.g. online banks) only ask for specific characters from a password without storing it as plaintext?

I thought How can a system enforce a minimum number of changed characters... would answer my question, but it seems this is a different case. When I sign on to my online banking account, I'm prompted ...
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Is my bank storing my password in plain text? [duplicate]

My bank (and every bank I've come across) only ever asks for individual characters from my password when logging in. Is my bank storing my password in plain text?
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Are there any regulations against financial companies storing passwords in plaintext?

A bank that I use stores my password in cleartext or perhaps using reverisible encryption, which is just as bad. I know this because when you click "Forgot your password?" (or similar) link, it ...
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Does a random set of secondary passwords add any security?

My bank uses this rather uncommon policy of authentication. They of course have a password, which has quite strong password patterns like "use alphanumeric characters and symbols, 8+ characters" are ...
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ICloud and Quality Password [duplicate]

How many 'random' characters should my iCloud password be if it were going up against the BEST hackers and the best hacking software?
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How does 'Enter characters 1, 3, and 4' from your password work? [duplicate]

My background is in web apps, so when storing a user's password we use a cryptographic hash and salt it so that it is not recoverable. My basic understanding of what is happening is that to check if ...
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How is password character validation in 3D secure is implemented? [duplicate]

We have a website which stores hashed passwords in the database. During logins we hash the password entered by user and compare two hashes. This is quite standard so far. Our client which is in ...
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