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Server certificate authenticity validation process [duplicate]

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Where is the public key of the Certificate authority stored? [closed]

I'm talking about SSL/TLS certificate authorities. I know that they store their private key in a very secure location. But what about their public key that our browsers use? Where does it get stored ...
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How ECDHE is signed by RSA in ECDHE_RSA cipher

About ciphers that use ECDHE as Key Exchange and RSA as Authentication: How exactly this two algorithms work together, is ECDHE process encrypted by RSA public key? What are the DH parameters? ...
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Verify digital signature without key public key in signature

When receiving emails, I sometimes see the following: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 I found an integer overflow in PHP, in the conversation of dates to "Julian Day Count" function. ...
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How to verify the signature value in a SSL certificate?

According to RFC 3280 a certificate's basic syntax is Sequence := { tbsCertificate signatureAlgorithm signatureValue } In tbsCertificate, SubjectPublicKey is the public key of the ...
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Where does the list of trusted content authorities come from when using a web browser?

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AES, RSA and man in the middle

So user A has a huge text that needs to be encrypted and send to user B. User A creates a symmetric key for AES and encrypts the messages with that AES key. Then, user A encrypts the AES key with the ...
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How secure is data at rest on Android/iOS mobile devices

We have a need to store security keys on a mobile device, i.e. iOS and Android consumer apps. The app uses those keys in an offline scenario to 'self validate' the signatures of its data. (it can also ...
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PKI, certificates

I'm trying to understand how public key encryption works, or better how the authentication process works. As far as I understand the CA are here to pin a certain public key to a certain organization ...
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How does AWS verify signed requests?

How does AWS request signing and verification work? Let's say I have created a signed request using this guide. How does AWS service verify this signature? I see 2 options with their respective flaws (...
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What happens at a low level when authenticating server certificates?

Regarding the TLS 1.3 Handshake Protocol: When the Server sends it's certificate, exactly how does the Client validate this? I know at a high level the Client is verifying the data the Server sent ...
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