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How secure is "Let's Encrypt"? [duplicate]

I just configured and installed a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. It's great, and very easy to set up. However in this post-Snowden era, I was wondering how secure this really is. For ...
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Trustworthiness of Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL within browsers and OS [duplicate]

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How can LetsEncrypt and other similar services verify ownership of a domain over insecure http? [duplicate]

LetsEncrypt allows you to verify ownership of your domain using the .well-known thing, but since the site is http before the first certificate is issued, couldn't somebody do an MITM attack to give ...
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How to replace SSL/TLS?

I have to make a website for a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), and they have the minimal options from their provider, so they can't have SSL/TLS (barely only HTML/PHP/MySQL/JS) The data that ...
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Is a trustworthy site? [closed]

I just got the following email: Dear StartCom customers, This electronic mail message was created by StartCom's Administration Personnel: StartCom, a leading global Certificate ...
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Can a powerful adversary trick ACME to generate a certificate?

As per the recent MITM attack: The attacker has issued several new TLS certificates using Let’s Encrypt service which were used to hijack encrypted STARTTLS connections on port 5222 using ...
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How can I set a lower trust level for Let's Encrypt in Firefox?

(In this question I ask about Let's Encrypt because it's a hot topic, but the same question could also be asked for CloudFlare's Universal SSL solution or other automated CAs) I like that Let's ...
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How does Let's Encrypt prevent imposters?

Because Let's Encrypt doesn't provide Entity Validation, is it true that one can, for example, generate a certificate that has "Facebook Inc." as Organization for a bogus domain
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Which SSL certificate should I purchase for a website with one sub-domain?

I want to purchase an SSL/TLS certificate for my website, for three reasons: To be able to display web-push notifications Improve website rankings on Google Obtain more trust from visitors I have a ...
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What does a Let's Encrypt (or other DV) certificate prove?

This is a follow-up to other questions like "What makes Let's Encrypt secure?". When I first run the Let's Encrypt (certbot) client on my server, it obtains a certificate by publishing a certain file ...
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