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Does NAT really provide security? [duplicate]

I had an argument with someone on IRC about Network Address Translation. I was under the impression that NAT provided a layer of security to internal networks. I understand that's not the primary ...
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Why is NAT referred to as "the poor man's firewall"? [duplicate]

How exactly does NAT protect a network? How does it relate to a firewall?
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Does a WAN to LAN Route Conversion Through a Router Adds Security? [duplicate]

Use of a Router is the first solution for adding a security layer to any LAN with N machines, connected to the internet (through its firewall settings). My question is does the WAN to LAN conversion ...
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can hackers access a subnet in different network? [duplicate]

If I'm in my private network with my IP and public IP 34.124.x.x, can hackers access my computer only with exploit/vulnerability (no malware) from a different network? The videos, sites ...
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Impairment of security by introduction of ipv6 [duplicate]

If you get a public IPv6 on your device, and someone gets hold of your momentary IPv6 (which changes every 24h by the privacy extensions), a possible attacker could start a lot of automated tools on ...
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Does the local network need to be hacked first for IoT devices to be accessible?

I completely understand how IoT devices were used in the massive DDoS attacks because they are easily manipulated due to lack of firewalls, default passwords, etc. What I don't understand is although ...
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How can someone hack my PC if I am connecting to the internet through NAT?

If I own a private IP address, for the sake of it, and I am physically connected to my router, which it's internal interface is and it's external interface is some public IP ...
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Why do I need a firewall on my router?

I just bought a new router, and as usual the router manufacturer make a big deal out of the firewall. I have never understood why the firewall is needed, sure, stopping dos attacks (such as syn-...
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Vulnerabilities of pure NAT without firewall

Following some of the comments on this question, I was curious about the security vulnerabilities of NAT. There are similar threads here and here but they discuss router vulnerabilities rather than ...
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Nmap scanning computers behind a wireless modem [closed]

Let's suppose that I have a router and three computers connected to Internet through that router. When I tried to get the external IP address for each computer, I got the same address. I think this ...
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what is more secure, to have PPPoE on the modem or on the firewall

We are trying to understand what a more secure installation is: a) A modem connected to the internet with PPPoE doing a NAT to the firewall than doing a second NAT for all the devices b) A modem ...
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My Tutors reasoning of how NAT provides security [closed]

I don't consider NAT a security measure at all but here is my teachers reasoning of how NAT provides security. My course has been appalling and this reasoning is just laughable to me. This is a £3000 ...
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Does enabling rdp induces a security risk coming from the internet if no port forwarding/nat is configured?

The question is mainly about the default windows implementation of rdp, but could also apply to xrdp. Enabling rdp is an option in the windows settings (remote desktop). I would like to use rdp in a ...
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Comprehensively scanning a Computer for remote access?

I have borowed a laptop from the library, and I am concerned there might be a remote access to check what the user is doing. An antivirus would not detect that, since many remote access is "...
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Can attacker gain access to my private network application through pivoting and/or lateral movement?

I am using a public wifi network. When I start a nodejs express server at my local system at port 3000, I can access that website on another device (that is connected to the same public wifi network) ...
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