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Why is it even possible to forge sender header in e-mail? [duplicate]

With so many popular e-mail providers forcing users to log on using their SMTP servers, why is it still possible to forge "From: " header in e-mails? What prevents users from simply discarding the e-...
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Spam mail "is missing domain" [duplicate]

I just recieved a spam mail. They asked me to "confirm my amazon account / identity". The button links to a subdomain of (not sure if I am allowed to post this. Please remove the link if ...
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Email not considered a secure form of communicate for legal / government purposes - why? [duplicate]

Ive seen the below statement on lots of legal and government documents over the years. Im based in the UK, but presume similar statements are made elsewhere. [In relation to communicating with ...
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I can send an email from your email account without your permission. How is this possible? [duplicate]

Similar question with an amazing answer: How can PayPal spoof emails so easily to say it comes from someone else? I hope that the title to this question is actually a lie... but, to my knowleage, I ...
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"FROM" mail spoofing [duplicate]

I just received a mail from my boss saying someone with my mail has send some request for money. I is kinda serious and I know it is easy to spoof a mail, but the mail is [email protected]. So my ...
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What malicious things can happen when clicking on links in email?

I've received a spam from one of my friends (well I'm sure he didn't send it). so there's this link, and i'd thought what exactly would be the implications of clicking the link (i've not clicked it ...
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If email is insecure, why do we use it for password resets?

I found myself telling a coworker today "Email is insecure, that's why we developed our secure report application." But then it struck me, Why is email considered insecure? If it is so insecure, why ...
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Good, simple list of reasons that email is inherently insecure

I've been searching for a while, trying to find a good get of information about the inherent risks of transmitting sensitive data via email. I'm really looking for a comprehensive list of all the ...
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Email hacking myth

I never believed that some one can actually hack an email that easy. If someone hacks an email it means he actually hacked the server and he will gain access to many emails not to mine only. Anyway ...
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E-mail can be made to appear like it came from a big organization?

I know almost nothing about security. So, please bear with me if the questions sound silly. Is it possible for a malicious person to make an e-mail appear as if it came from a big company like Google,...
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SMTP Email Spoofing

While testing my SMTP server using a telnet session from home, I was able to generate an email using the following commands: telnet MyEmailServer 25 HELO MyEmailServer MAIL FROM: RandomValidEmail@...
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Can a spoofer intercept my email, insert text and send it on?

I send money to a charity in Africa. Recently my contact gave money to a third party, he said at my request. As proof, he forwarded back my email, and sure enough, some text had been added instructing ...
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How can I prevent forwarding a manipulated email?

How can I prevent someone from modifying the contents of an email they received and then forwarding it to others? Some employees cheat managers by changing the content of emails and forwarding the ...
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Pionee Red: Is this a Phishing attack? What should we do?

I have just received an email from a close friend, which had "Pionee Red" as the subject, and the following body: you've a new private message from your friend Click To View The Full Message As I ...
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Received email at work from someone using a member's name

The email message looks like this. This person used a church member's name and used a totally different email address. It went like this: Hi! How are you? (then gives a bad web address) ...
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