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Use this tag for questions involving the use of third generation (3G) wireless mobile technology.

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Will enabling 4 only mode in a smartphone, prevent hackers from downgrading your connection to 3g/2g

My question is Will enabling 4 only mode in a smartphone, prevent hackers from downgrading your connection to 3g/2g through fake towers.
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What are the threat models that using a VPN for mobile data can mitigate?

Some VPN providers offer to encrypt mobile data. This goes beyond the typical Wifi hotspot mitigation paradigm. So what exactly are the benefits of VPN over mobile data? What threat models can this ...
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Can a form I filled in online using 3G be traced to my phone? [closed]

My friend is trying to ascertain if a form completed online was done so by her ex. If he completed an online form on a website on his phone (contract phone) using 3G connection, could that form be ...
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General mobile broadband security questions [closed]

I'm thinking about whether or not to get a mobile(3G/4G) broadband router, but I need to know a few things about them. How secure are they? If an attacker were to put up a femtocell/rogue cell tower ...
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How serious is the Borgaonkar/Hirschi attack on 3/4g cellular security

At Blackhat yesterday Ravishankar Borgaonkar and Lucca Hirschi revealed an attack on the security protocols underlying current 3/4g networks. Parts of the tech press are have indicated this could ...
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IMSI catcher vs MiTM attack

On reading about IMSI catchers, it is almost always mentioned together with MITM attacks, i.e. as if IMSI catchers are same as MITM. But from my understanding, IMSI catchers and MITM are not the same ...
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Privacy implications of Intel CPU's secret 3G communication (Anti Theft 3.0)

From what I understand pretty much all Intel CPUs produced since Sandy-Bridge have "secret" 3G capabilities in their IME (Intel Management Engine). This IME has full access to the memory bus and ...
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911 Authentication and Encryption

When I talk over 3G without a SIM, for which the only example I see is 911 emergency calling, is any encryption used? In other words, can a 3G eavesdropper understand any content of my 911 call? I ...
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As a mobile carrier, how do you defend against mobile attacks like Stingrays?

I would like to know what ways there are (if any) to defend against Stingrays and similar interception if you are a mobile carrier and have full control of the base stations and SIM cards? Can a SIM ...
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Does old SIM-cards have the same security as new one?

As I am using an old (10-15 years) SIM-card, I was asking myself if the hardware and software on the sim-card is equivalent to the newer sim-cards. Are the old-sim-cards (10-15years) the same as the ...
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Security of 3G network

If I'm using a 3G modem on USB, is that secured or easily hackable? Is there some form of encryption built into it?
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How can I know if any cell phones other than a given set are turned on in the nearby area?

I am searching for a solution to identify phones simply by the signals it emits. Imagine a signal receiver in a room, then I want to know which people are using phones nearby. I don't care what they ...
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3G, 4G How does my provider know i am using facebook?

I have a mobile subscription with 1 GB of data every month. But my provider has a promotion where facebook and twitter traffic is free, so I can use facebook and twitter and not use up my 1 gb of data....
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Cellular encryption algorithms currently in use globally

I have been doing research on the available encryption algorithms used by commercial mobile providers worldwide, and would like to know if the following list is complete: Algorithms for voice ...
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How secure is HTTP / HTTPS over 3G?

Suppose I log into a website, such as Twitter, from a 3G-enabled smartphone or similar device. How secure is this from interception? Can someone steal my password or login? What if I use HTTPS? What ...
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