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Use this tag for questions involving the use of fourth generation (4G) broadband cellular network technology.

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Will enabling 4 only mode in a smartphone, prevent hackers from downgrading your connection to 3g/2g

My question is Will enabling 4 only mode in a smartphone, prevent hackers from downgrading your connection to 3g/2g through fake towers.
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What are the threat models that using a VPN for mobile data can mitigate?

Some VPN providers offer to encrypt mobile data. This goes beyond the typical Wifi hotspot mitigation paradigm. So what exactly are the benefits of VPN over mobile data? What threat models can this ...
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If I am trying to clean install a MacOS with internet recovery, is it safer to use mobile network than WIFI network?

I just clean installed my MacOS Catalina on my MacBook due to virus on my PC that I worried got on my MacBook via usb file transfer. I did an internet recovery to reinstall MacOS Catalina with my ...
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Does Lawful Interception of 4G / the proposed 5G provide a back door for hackers as well?

A common saying among people in the field of cryptography and security is that when providing a back door to law enforcement, you also provide a back door for hackers. I was trying to examine the ...
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4G Pocket WiFi - IMSI Catcher?

Nearly all mobile phones are vulnerable to IMSI catcher attack's fake mobile networks. They can access storage, inject rootkits/backdoors, turn the microphone on view internet traffic even with a VPN ...
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Device location in LTE/GSM packets? [closed]

I'd like to know if any of the LTE or GSM packets have the GPS coordinates of a given device or any information about its geolocation. I mean, there must be a way to locate devices (maybe ...
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General mobile broadband security questions [closed]

I'm thinking about whether or not to get a mobile(3G/4G) broadband router, but I need to know a few things about them. How secure are they? If an attacker were to put up a femtocell/rogue cell tower ...
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Will ISP see my router MAC address? connection by 4g USB modem

Question is similar to Will my USB modem send my MAC address to my ISP? but not exacly. I have router dwr-116 and usb 4G modem which is connected to this router. Will ISP see dwr-116 mac address? or ...
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Can a cellular base station be accessed from within the 4g network it provides?

Cellular base stations can be accessed directly via the internet for maintenance purposes, they have control ports such as ports 5700, 5701, 5702. What I'm wondering is if I connect my device to the ...
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IMSI catcher vs MiTM attack

On reading about IMSI catchers, it is almost always mentioned together with MITM attacks, i.e. as if IMSI catchers are same as MITM. But from my understanding, IMSI catchers and MITM are not the same ...
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Is possible to eavesdrop on mobile data from cellphones/dongles?

It is possible to to crack WiFi either WPA2/PSK or WPA. But is it possible to somehow eavedrop/observe the signal from dongles or internet that is there on the phones ? Sort of a packet capture but ...
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Cellular encryption algorithms currently in use globally

I have been doing research on the available encryption algorithms used by commercial mobile providers worldwide, and would like to know if the following list is complete: Algorithms for voice ...
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