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Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) is an access control model which uses attributes and policies to express access control logic. It extends the capabilities of RBAC (role-based access control).

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Why has the adoption of ABAC been so slow?

Given we use ABAC in portions of our security systems like the WAF to partially restrict traffic based on attributes like IP address/User Agent String. While they can be faked internally tagging can ...
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How to design an Access Control system that is quick to implement and understand, yet maintainable and flexible enough?

We're currently redesigning our access control system for our SaaS startup (over the past two years it has grown alongside the business and decided to clean it up at this point). The access control ...
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Attribute-based access control standard definition

While reading a number of definitions of attribute-based access control (ABAC), I found that there are two different definitions: Access control decisions are made using the attributes of users, ...
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RBAC: how to separately scope two resources that have a many-to-many relationship

I'm working on an application that needs access control. Basically, the problem I'm facing is this (heavily simplified): The application has two main sections: Files = File[] Contacts = Contact[] ...
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How can an organization manage permissions in a centralized way?

Almost all applications mantain the permissions with the application and have no way of having at least the roles outside the application. Is the only way to have centralized authentication but ...
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Web app access control system design

I am having trouble finding a scalable way to create a access control system which both follows best practices and can scale well. I have looked at various approaches like RBAC and ABAC. For the ...
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Separating "function" from "scope" in RBAC

I'm trying to formulate an RBAC permission model which allows separation between permissions and the scopes on which those permissions are applied. I have been unable to find a standard model which ...
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Access based on type of information requested and access grant

The simple solution to access restriction when number of users are small is Access Control Matrix. Here the rows are the users and columns are different types of asset. In my case, I have a document ...
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Difference between ABAC and CBAC

I am currently researching about access control models. While reading I found especially two different access control models, which I couldn't differ. One is Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) and ...
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Authorization based on OASIS ABAC/RBAC/XACML approach

Is anybody aware of any open source .NET authorization solution based on OASIS ABAC/RBAC/XACML approach? I have found some visible amount of Java based solutions but it seems .NET is completely out ...
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ABAC Policy Formal Presentation

I am asked to answer a question but i can't find such info in the internet so i created this post. The problem is: An on-line paper company decide to give access to their customers depend on their ...
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ABAC policy formulation and RBAC question

I am asked to answer a question that says: One online book-store wants to grand access to clients regarding their subscription. There are 3 types of subscriptions A , B and C. Customers get access ...
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Are there any simpler ABAC implementations available for big data systems? [closed]

Can any one suggest simpler Attribute Based Access Control implementations available for big data systems like Hadoop, Hive etc? I have checked Apache ranger they dont have any support for ABAC yet ....
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Looking for approach to implement attribute based access control (ABAC)

We are looking to implement Attribute-Based Access Control. While we are sold on the philosophy, there are two topics that seem to crop up: Will it lead to significant performance issues? Especially ...
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