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'Open course' Information Security Topics [closed]

I saw this question which discussed teaching Information Security as a mandatory course, with a focus on Computer Science discipline. I have a different challenge at hand. I want to create an ...
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Are there any academic papers/books about hacking wargames?

I'm looking for sources (academic papers, books, articles from notable magazines) that can be used as reference for a Bachelor's Thesis, that should be about making an educational, gamified hacking ...
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Who are some renowned academicians or PhD guides in Information Security? [closed]

The question might seem opinion based, but I wish to know who are some people who are academicians or PhD guides in the field of Information Security?
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Is it possible to do research in both Computer Architecture and Security

I just finished with my MSc in Computer Science and Engineering (Security study-line) with a thesis on cache timing attacks on virtualized environments. I also have an MEng in Electronic and ...
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Is there any risk in placing a scan of a diploma online?

I wonder whether there is any risk in placing a scan of one's diploma online.
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Infosec Graduate - Job Title [closed]

I am writing my resume for applying for jobs in Infosec - what sorts of 'job titles' should I be putting onto my resume? 'Infosec Graduate' doesn't quite sit right for me. I am more than a graduate, ...
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Is there a study on how many websites are saving passwords as plain text? [closed]

For a research paper about passwords, I am looking for a source that gives an actual estimation on how many websites save their user's passwords as plain text on their servers. Is there any study ...
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Teaching Introduction to Information Security as a mandatory course [closed]

I teach at an academic institute. We have decided to add a mandatory course: Introduction to Cyber Security. We know that most of our graduates won't stay in academia, but will go to work in the ...
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Course project that teaches secure design

I'm looking for a class project that (1) is scalable to large classes, and (2) teaches secure design. This is for an undergraduate course on computer security. Hopefully, it would be educational and ...
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Breaking into your own systems [closed]

So as security professionals, most are overly paranoid about external hackers, leaks, etc. I'm looking for ideas on how one would go about testing their own systems, without signs that they were ...
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Information Security Career tracks - Academically vs. IT certifications

I will try to be as straightforward as possible here. I am currently working as a security integrator at an integration company. I work with products of vendors like Check Point, Cisco, Juniper, HP, ...
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Are there any academic articles on how people handle their passwords?

Are there any academic articles on how people handle their passwords - how many they use in total, how often they change it, whether they commonly store it somewhere or just remember them and so forth?...
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Is a Master's in infosec required to break into the security field?

So I'm going to be graduating college in January 2013, with a double major in Compsci and Cell Biology (don't ask...). I'm really looking to break into the information security field as a consultant. (...
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Distance Education Programs in Digital Forensics [closed]

I am looking for a distance education program with the end product being a Masters of Science in Digital Forensics. I looked through the site and did not find any results, and was hoping since most ...
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Which Master degrees offer the most web application security courses?

I need some information about universities that offer Master degree in Information Security with an emphasis on web application security Specifically things like web application penetration, code ...
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What key attributes indicate candidate potential for future success in a security career?

So you are looking to hire a fresh graduate to work in an entry-level/trainee IT security role that covers a wide range of tasks: vulnerability research, penetration testing, secure software ...
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I see entry level security skills as a problem for industry - what can we do about it?

Okay, so we push corporates to improve security, and provide training to IT staff and awareness presentations to CEO's etc, but each year a new batch of graduates are brought in to companies as others ...
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Courses on "Secure Software Development" [closed]

This semester, I'm offering a course on "secure software development". The course is divided into three parts: Secure Software Engineering Reverse Engineering Secure Coding Do you know of any ...
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