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Security controls and features related to an end user's account with a web/mobile based application or an operating system.

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Why is client-side hashing of a password so uncommon?

There are very few websites that hash the users password before submitting it to the server. Javascript doesn't even have support for SHA or other algorithms. But I can think of quite a few ...
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What can I do to separate users best way if they are allowed to run their ruby (python) code

I have Ubuntu server 12.04 on VDS and I allow users to run their own Rails applications on behalf their own accounts. That means: They can use any shell they want They can upload what they want, e.g. ...
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Gmail account hack prevention and recovery

I am doing a research on how to prevent my gmail account from being hacked and what are the options of claiming it back. The associated phone number and recovery email can be changed, in fact I ...
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