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ActiveX is a client side engine in Internet Explorer.

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How secure are ActiveX based security plug-ins?

Sometimes I have to use web sites that use ActiveX security plug-ins. The websites say that these plug-ins 1. secure the authenticity of printable certificates 2. secure overall data sent back and ...
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Internet Explorer - Advanced Properties for Trusted Root Certificates

If you go to IE -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates -> Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Now Click on some CA certificates and click on Advanced You can add properties to the ...
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Why is ActiveX said to be insecure?

I do not have experience with web development, but I have read that ActiveX should be abandoned because it is insecure, in favour of other scripting methods such as JavaScript. What exactly does ...
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What browser plugins (ActiveX, or those for Chrome/Firefox/Safari etc) pose the most risk for your company?

I'm looking for a list of risky browser plugins that we should prevent their use on the desktop. It's probably safe to assume that old versions of Flash are on the list, but what versions? What ...
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Possible to use CAPICOM to extract current SSL certificate?

I'd like to extract the current SSL certificate from the current browsing session, and read the properties. I'd like to do this at the Browser, for content that is delivered from the server. I'm ...
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How much protection does the Kill-Bit provide for ActiveX controls?

I have some ActiveX controls that are not supposed to run in the browser but only in my particular Front-End. I know that by setting the Kill-Bit I disable their execution in Internet Explorer and MS ...
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