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Questions regarding Adobe suite of products, notably in their product families; consisting of Creative Cloud, Photoshop family, Acrobat family, Elements family

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How can we determine where Adobe Acrobat cloud store PDF form data? [closed]

After login to my Adobe Acrobat account via a browser, I am able load a PDF document from my PC and then enter data into the PDF document form fields. How do we determine whether the data entered into ...
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Can .ai files (Adobe Illustrator) be malicious?

They are blocked by our email gateway, but are also needed for some workflows. Can these files even contain malicious content and possibly execute code?
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Adobe uses CA signature type as identifier on signatures created with user certificates

I am testing several PKCS12 keystores with ECC type keys, generated by a CA with RSA key, to sign PDF documents. I have also tested with my own certificates from a demo CA certificate. I use Adobe ...
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How to harden Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader [closed]

I found this recommendation by the CISA to disable Javascript in Acrobat Reader. Also, this article recommends to disable Flash and Multimedia, and the opening of non-PDF attachments. Both ...
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Will Adobe have to re-sign all their previous publications?

Adobe recently published their PGP private key by accident. They have now issued a new one. But will they need to re-sign (with their new key) everything that was signed with their old key? As ...
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Does Adobe Acrobat Reader DC upload opened PDF files?

I'm wondering if Adobe Reader DC uploads all the PDF files it opens to the Adobe Cloud, even if you have not signed up for the cloud. I am not a fan of Adobe and generally do not install Adobe ...
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What makes Adobe formats so vulnerable? [closed]

Tools that deal with SWFs, PDFs, OTF... seem to suffer from a disproportionate amount of vulnerabilities. Is the a characteristic in the formats that Adobe creates that makes them more susceptible to ...
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How do I keep the PDF files in OneDrive secure?

I need to store multiple PDF files with sensitive information in OneDrive (consumer, not business version). However I am worried about the security risks in doing so. I could secure the PDFs with a ...
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What client software is affected by JPEG 2000 / TALOS-2016-0193/CVE-2016-8332

A vulnerability in JPEG 2000 file formats has been discovered. The articles seem to refer to OpenJPEG implementation when discussing this bug, however what's not clear is who is the vulnerable party....
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