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Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data

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How to form the IV and Additional Data for TLS when encrypting the plaintext

When using AES GCM for encryption within TLS and referring to the below diagram: Is iv[0:3] the fixed IV established from the handshake and iv[4:11] are the current (write) sequence number + 1? For ...
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AEAD: Authenticating a digest of my data instead the data itself

Relevant question for Python: Stack Exchange: Top Answers:
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Where is the 8 byte explicit nonce for decrypting AES GCM within TLS?

I'm confused how to retrieve the remaining 8 bytes of the nonce (to combine with the 4 bytes established during the handshake) to generate the 12 byte IV to decrypt AES 128 GCM. RFC 5288 "AES ...
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Generate AES-256-GCM key

I'm using aes-256-gcm encryption. I used a sample key provided in the docs and it works fine. I also tried a key generated from here and it works fine. There's no option to specify gcm here yet the ...
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Does any real world protocol makes use of the associated data in AEAD?

I'm trying to find evidence of use of the associated data (authenticated cleartext associated with the encrypted and authenticated data) feature offered by AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with ...
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