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What mitigations exist for AMD vulnerability CVE-2023-20593 Zenbleed?

I recently read that in the never ending series of speculative-execution flaws, unintended data written to extended registers ends up making secrets readable across privilege boundaries on AMD Zen 2 ...
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Intel CET more secure than AMD Shadow Stack?

I'm trying to decide between AMD or Intel for a new build. I was reading about protection from ROP-attacks and it seems like Intel and AMD are handling this in different ways. AMD Zen 3 and later ...
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How do you detect attacks on Intel ME firmware and the AMD equivalent?

Since there are quite a few exploits of Intel ME firmware in the CPU (same applies to AMD), I would like to know what SIEM solutions are there for detecting these kinds of attacks. To be more exact, I ...
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Qemu: SEV: Failed to query the attestation report length ret=-22 fw_err=0 ()

I try to attest my vm running on a kvm+qemu host using qmp and this command: echo '{ "execute": "qmp_capabilities" }\n{"execute":"query-sev-attestation-report",&...
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hashcat skipping gpu even if it's recognizing the device and the driver is installed

I'm trying to run hashcat on a MacBook Pro. Running hashcat -I to check the devices' informations yields: hashcat (v6.2.5-38-g8b61f60e8) starting in backend information mode OpenCL Info: ============ ...
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AMD SEV equivalent of Intel SGX EGETKEY?

An application running under Intel SGX can invoke EGETKEY to obtain an encryption key from the CPU HW. The same key will be obtained each time the application is run. This allows the application to ...
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Nmap loads on its own, scans addresses, with a different source address than my PC. How is this possible?

10 minutes after installing Nmap on a fresh install of windows, NMap loaded on its own and attempted to scan dozens of IP addresses around the globe. I never initiated the scan. Notice the source ...
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