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Assembly language is a low-level programming language whose instructions map almost 1-to-1 to a computer's machine code.

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How to find stack pointer for overflow bug?

I've read that stack usually starts in same address so the attacker may guess the starting point of the buffer to overflow. This is necessary to know this address to make the malicious code run. I ...
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Is it possible to write shellcode in C++?

Usually I write assembly programs and then dump their contents to get the shellcode. What I was wondering is whether I could write a C++ program instead of assembly, then dump and use that instead of ...
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Are there any tools that focus on shellcode analysis?

Shellcode presents certain challenges for disassembly. It often self-modifies, jumps to the stack (where the shellcode will likely be placed), and relies on certain unusual tricks that standard ...
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Processor microcode manipulation to change opcodes?

I had recently thought of an extreme way of implementing security by obscurity and wanted to ask you guys if it's possible. Would a person with no access to special processor documentation be able ...
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Stack buffer overflow confusion

I am trying to dig deeper into the nuts and bolts a stack buffer overflow using the classical NOP-sled technique. Reading some articles and watching videos brought me to a confusion which can be ...
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Buffer overflow: Why does the ESP Register change its value after access violation

Background: Currently trying to exploit a BoF vulnerability. After setting up the environment, running a compiled C program that contains the strcpy function, I disassembled the program as it's ...
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Shellcode doesn't execute despite correct address on EIP

I need to produce a presentation on buffer overflows for a college class. I managed to create a simple buffer overflow where i inject the address of a specific function on the EIP and the function ...
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