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Questions tagged [ata-security]

For when a question is about security features directly linked to the ATA specifications.

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Are there any motherboards / UEFI that support hardware encryption on SED?

I found that Thinkpads have hdd password support, which in terms uses some bizarre password hashing and ends up with 90 bits of entropy, which is again used as ATA security password to SED, which in ...
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3 answers

How secure is Secure Erase option in BIOS?

I have been exploring data security lately and came across HDD data recovery. I now know that a format simply deletes the "pointers" to files and directories and that data is still there. The only way ...
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47 votes
3 answers

What is the difference between ATA Secure Erase and Security Erase? How can I ensure they worked?

I'd like to wipe a stack of drives (spinning and SSD) securely. I'm familiar with the ATA Secure Erase (SE) command via hdparm, but I'm not sure if I should use the Security Erase (SE+) command ...
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Unlock hard drive vs full-disk encryption

When I turn my notebook on, it asks me for the password to unlock the BIOS and than it asks me for the password to unlock the hard drive. How different is this 'password to unlock the hard drive' ...
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What does HP DriveLock do to your password?

While looking at various hard drive encryption methods, I discovered that HP's "DriveLock" is not quite the standard ATA security system. While I did get confirmation from HP that it does indeed use ...
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