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Are polyglot microservices (multiple technologies) more secure than using a single technology framework?

As a full-stack cloud-native (AWS, Azure, and GCP) polyglot (Rust, Golang, Python, and Java) microservices developer, the nagging question that I have is if the use of multiple technology frameworks ...
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Recommendations on minimal alternatives to openssh [closed]

Although openssh is awesome, I'm interested in exploring some more lightweight FLOSS alternatives to use for connecting to servers I'm administrating (and using alone). Since I only need a minimal ...
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Should Maintenance Informations Such As "Service Will Be Unavailable At X And Should Be Back At Y" Be Publicly Available?

Suppose you are implementing a maintenance info banner that is publicly shown on your web application, meaning that even unauthenticated/unauthorised users can access this information easily. Let's ...
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How can Linux service installation page create an attack surface?

Based on one of the lectures of Planning, Auditing and Maintaining Enterprise system course by Greg Williams (Department of computer science university of Colorado): Let's say they were installing ...
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