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Questions tagged [authentication]

the process of establishing the authenticity of a person or other entity. Not to be confused with authorization - defining access rights to resources.

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https security - should password be hashed server-side or client-side?

I am building a web application which requires users to login. All communication goes through https. I am using bcrypt to hash passwords. I am facing a dilemma - I used to think it is safer to make a ...
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How does changing your password every 90 days increase security?

Where I work I'm forced to change my password every 90 days. This security measure has been in place in many organizations for as long as I can remember. Is there a specific security vulnerability ...
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215 votes
4 answers

Is a rand from /dev/urandom secure for a login key?

Lets say I want to create a cookie for a user. Would simply generating a 1024 bit string by using /dev/urandom, and checking if it already exists (looping until I get a unique one) suffice? Should I ...
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How do some sites (e.g. online banks) only ask for specific characters from a password without storing it as plaintext?

I thought How can a system enforce a minimum number of changed characters... would answer my question, but it seems this is a different case. When I sign on to my online banking account, I'm prompted ...
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How hard is it to intercept SMS (two-factor authentication)?

A lot of two-factor authentication mechanisms use SMS to deliver single-use passphrase to the user. So how secure is it? Is it hard to intercept the SMS message containing the passphrase? Do mobile ...
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81 votes
10 answers

Generic error message for wrong password or username - is this really helpful?

It is really common (and I would say it is some kind of security basic) to not show on the login page if the username or the password was wrong when a user tries to log in. One should show a generic ...
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5 answers

Preventing deauthentication attacks

I am helpless against some kiddy with backtrack who repeatedly uses aireplay-ng to deauthenticate legitimate users on my Wifi work network. I captured and analyzed the network traffic on my Wifi work ...
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57 votes
2 answers

How does ssh public key authentication work?

My basic understanding is this: The (connected to) server's sshd uses the public key to encrypt some message The client's ssh or ssh-agent decrypts it and sends something back (the message's checksum?...
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107 votes
13 answers

Why is client-side hashing of a password so uncommon?

There are very few websites that hash the users password before submitting it to the server. Javascript doesn't even have support for SHA or other algorithms. But I can think of quite a few ...
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4 answers

Effectiveness of Security Images

Do security images such as those presented upon logging into banks provide any tangible security benefits, or are they mostly theater? Per my understanding, if somebody is phishing your users, it's ...
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50 votes
6 answers

Is a website published in an obscure directory comparably secure to being placed behind a login? [duplicate]

Let's say I create a microsite for a client that contains confidential business information. We need to place this in a location the client can access, in order for them to approve for launch. If we ...
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9 answers

Is BASIC-Auth secure if done over HTTPS?

I'm making a REST-API and it's straight forward to do BASIC auth login. Then let HTTPS secure the connection so the password is protected when the api is used. Can this be considered secure?
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101 votes
5 answers

How can my employer be a man-in-the-middle when I connect to Gmail? [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand SSL/TLS. What follows are a description of a scenario and a few assumptions which I hope you can confirm or refute. Question How can my employer be a man-in-the-middle when ...
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Should usernames be kept secret?

Help me settle an discussion among colleagues and guide future design: Even in a high impact scenario: e.g. protecting payment application or government gateway but in an Internet accessible ...
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4 answers

Alternatives for sending plaintext password while login

Note: I've already read Is it ok to send plain-text password over HTTPS? and https security - should password be hashed server-side or client-side?, but here it's about a specific replacement method (...
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64 votes
2 answers

I just send username and password over https. Is this ok?

When a user's logging in to my site, they send their username and password to me over https. Besides the ssl, there's no special obfuscation of the password - it lives in memory in the browser in the ...
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How to protect against login CSRF? points out that most CSRF protection mechanisms fail to protect login forms. As explains: The ...
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Recommended policy on password complexity

Is there any research on how how a password complexity policy can increase or decrease the quality of passwords? If you don't have any requirements on the password then probably 90% of users will use ...
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How to achieve non-repudiation?

If I have a message that I need to send to another person, how do I achieve non repudiation ? Is digitally signing the message sufficient ?
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3 answers

Four-way Handshake in WPA-Personal (WPA-PSK)

Can someone explain to me in what consists the Four-way Handshake in WPA-Personal (WPA with Pre-Shared Key), which informations are being sent between AP and client, how is it possible to find the AP ...
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Why do we authenticate by prompting a user to enter both username and password? Does prompting the password only suffice?

I don't know why do we authenticate by prompting the user to enter both username and password. In my mental model, prompting password only suffices. The reason is as follows: Assume there are x ...
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3 answers

How to login and encrypt data with the same password/key

I've made a "vault" web app in PHP for storing passwords, credit card numbers, etc. It's mostly just for myself, but I'm practicing building it with multiple users in mind. I use two way encryption to ...
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133 votes
6 answers

How secure are the FIDO U2F tokens

Google and Yubico just announced the availability of cryptographic security tokens following the FIDO U2F specification. Is this just another 2FA option, or is this significantly better than solutions ...
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Is using a public-key for logging in to SSH any better than saving a password?

Using a public/private key pair is fairly convenient for logging in to frequented hosts, but if I'm using a key pair with no password, is that any safer (or less safe) than a password? The security ...
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4 answers

How is "something you have" typically defined for "two-factor" authentication?

A wide range of products claim to offer "two-factor authentication" (c.v. Two-factor authentication - Wikipedia). Most are deployed as "something you have" to be used in addition to a normal password ...
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Using V4 UUID for authentication

I'd like to use a V4 UUID / GUID for authenticating users. To be specific, the user would have to paste the UUID into a text field to gain access to their account. The UUID would be given to them at ...
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7 answers

Is it unsafe to show message that username/account does not exist at login? [duplicate]

According to the OWASP Auth Guidelines, "An application should respond with a generic error message regardless of whether the user ID or password was incorrect. It should also give no indication to ...
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14 answers

Sending passwords to someone remotely

As someone who usually works with people in other countries it has always been a problem to send login information to each-other. For development login details like debug databases etc sure I can ...
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3 answers

Is there any advantage to splitting a password?

I've been reading about the LANMAN (LM) hash and I'm curious about a particular part of the algorithm. The LM hash is computed as follows: The user’s ASCII password is converted to uppercase. This ...
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31 votes
3 answers

Google Account: implications of using application-specific passwords

In the wake of the recent Mat Honan story I decided to try out two-factor authentication on my Google account. But in order to keep using it with Exchange, the Android OS, Google Talk and Google ...
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2 answers

How do I verify that in-app social login dialogs are secure?

If I have a mobile app that supports some kind of social login feature, say, to login to the app from my Facebook account, and if the app opens the Facebook login page inside the app in a mobile, is ...
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4 answers

Is it a bad idea for an information holder to e-mail a user their password?

A couple of websites with which I'm registered have, after a period of inactivity on my part, each sent me an e-mail to remind me that I'm still registered. In each case, that e-mail has included my ...
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506 votes
8 answers

RSA vs. DSA for SSH authentication keys

When generating SSH authentication keys on a Unix/Linux system with ssh-keygen, you're given the choice of creating a RSA or DSA key pair (using -t type). What is the difference between RSA and DSA ...
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7 answers

What's the rationale behind Ctrl-Alt-Del for login

Why is Ctrl+Alt+Del required at login on certain Windows systems (I have not seen it elsewhere, but contradict me if I'm wrong) before the password can be typed in? From a usability point of view, it'...
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How does Google Authenticator work?

Google Authenticator is an alternative to SMS for 2Step verification, installing an app on Android where the codes will be sent. It works without any connectivity; it even works on plane mode. This ...
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121 votes
9 answers

Should I change the default SSH port on linux servers?

Is there any advantage in changing the SSH port, I've seen people do that, but I can't seem to find the reason why. If you have a strong password and/or a certificate, is it useful for anything? ...
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"Username and/or Password Invalid" - Why do websites show this kind of message instead of informing the user which one was wrong?

Lets say a user is logging into a typical site, entering their username and password, and they mistype one of their inputs. I have noticed that most, if not all, sites show the same message (something ...
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6 answers

How to Securely Implement a "Remember Me" Feature?

Assuming you already have a website that implements all of the standard login stuff, what is the correct and most secure way to allow users to automatically be logged in for a certain time period (let'...
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7 answers

Do security questions subvert passwords?

Do security questions subvert hard to crack passwords? For example, if a site requires passwords with a certain scheme (length + required character sets) and has a security question, why would someone ...
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53 votes
4 answers

Is having the username and password fields on different pages more secure?

An online bank I use requires inputting your username, navigating to a second page and then entering the password to login. What actual security advantage does this provide, if any?
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51 votes
9 answers

If I include a Forgot Password service, then what's the point of using a password?

I've implemented a Forgot Password service in the following way: User goes to login page, clicks on "Forgot password?" User is presented with a form that asks for their email address. Email is sent ...
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5 answers

Are there technical disadvantages in using free ssl certificates?

Note this question is related, except this one is about free SSL certs. There are providers who are offering totally free entry-level SSL certs (like StartSSL). I was wondering if they are ...
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3 answers

Why self-signed https is less trustworthy than unencrypted http?

It wouldn't be far-fetched to guesstimate that at least 50% of the web traffic can be intercepted in 2014. However, a guesstimate of active interception attacks is likely an order of magnitude lower&...
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8 answers

Certificate based authentication vs Username and Password authentication

What are the advantages and drawbacks of the certificate based authentication over username and password authentication? I know some, but I would appreciate a structured and detailed answer. UPDATE ...
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7 answers

Could SQRL really be as secure as they say?

I just came across With Secure QR Login, your phone snaps the QR code displayed on a website's login page . . . . and YOU are securely logged in. This seems ...
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14 answers

Why do we even use passwords / passphrases next to biometrics?

In the last couple of days there were a lot of talking about passwords and passphrases, not only here, but on several blogs and forums I follow (especially after XKCD #936 saw the light of this world)....
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What are the security implications of using TOTP for single factor authentication?

(Note: I am not actually planning to do this. This question is strictly theoretical.) TOTP is commonly used as the second factor in Two Factor Authentication. It is an open standard with available ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Is SiteKey a valid defense against Phishing?

As described here, some banks use a SiteKey mechanism in an attempt to provide a defense against phishing. (This is a scheme where the user is shown a personalized image (each user has their own ...
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101 votes
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What is the difference between an X.509 "client certificate" and a normal SSL certificate?

I am setting up a web service through which my company will talk to a number of business customers' services. We will be exchanging information using SOAP. I would like to handle authentication with ...
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98 votes
13 answers

Is a 6 digit numerical password secure enough for online banking?

My bank went through a major redesign of their customer online banking system recently. The way security is managed across the platform was also reviewed. The password I am able to set now to log in ...
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