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Are there unphotographable, but scannable ID cards?

We have a client who hosts an event, with a tight budget, that uses lanyarded Photo-ID cards with barcodes on them. The barcodes are used to gain access to various areas at the event. We were ...
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How resistant are barcodes and QR-codes against attempts to change stored data?

Assume we want to protect a document against manipulating and forging. So, we encode some sensitive information of the document and store it in a QR-code inserted in the document. Can we be sure that ...
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Safety of barcode checksums

A company is handing out gift vouchers with a unique code128 barcode. The barcode consist of 12 fixed characters containing meta information and sequence number plus a 4 digit checksum. For example: ...
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Using a simple 5-character pass for event vs. QR/barcode

I plan on doing a "ticketing" system, where a user would buy a "tour ticket" online. The part that I'm puzzled about is: After they buy, what mechanism to use to verify the ticket? I've been looking ...
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Avoid QR/Barcode duplicates for fake product identification

I'm developing an app for a college project to detect fake products. The idea is to scan a QR or barcode and the app will automatically tell you if the product is either original or fake. How to avoid ...
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How to encode user authentication in a barcode

I was suggested to post here from this question in Super User SE. So here is the copy of it: I'm asked to add the possibility to scan a barcode (on a badge) to authenticate users when they log in to ...
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