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Questions tagged [binary-code]

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How could I block or at least detect the use of ultrasonic side channels or Google Nearby Messages API on my smartphone?

My question is about the use of ultrasonic messages that are part of the modern advertising ecosystem and are also used by the Google Nearby Messages API. When it comes to advertising, the type of ...
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Can binary firmware packages be executed on the system?

Kernels like linux-libre (standard in Debian and other free Linux distributions) ship no binary firmware packages by default. From my limited understanding of their functionality, a binary firmware ...
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Binary exploitation

I am trying to upsolve a challenge from a CTF I played but I just can't get it right. I think you have to somehow manage to use buffer overflow, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong since this works ...
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How to see the filesystem of a camera firmware?

I watched and in this video he downloads several camera firmwares and analyzes their files. As far as I know, the firmwares are binary files that you can ...
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How to verify a binary correctly even if my github account is hacked by someone

I have a binary file and saved it on github release page. To allow users to verify it, I saved sha256sum and signature(.asc). However I have a concern that if ...
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Buffer overflow Rooting vs SU via recovery?

After researching on rooting processes low level details and techniques i found that it happens mostly through Buffer overflow to gain root access via running payload ( binaries ) at return call ...
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Is there any good way to avoid bypass .so file?

I have a C code project, I want to use .so lib to verify certificate for valid. I know there is a way to crack .so file by using below tools: 1.IDA_Pro_v6.8_and_Hex-Rays_Decompiler_ 2.WinHex 3....
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Different gdb results

I'm trying to use overthewire narnia problems as a way to learn about binary exploitation and I'm getting different results than any of the walkthroughs I was looking at https://tuonilabs.wordpress....
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Does `npm install` retrieve binaries or sources?

I am starting to use npm install a lot for development, but I fear about its security consequences. Does npm install retrieve binaries or sources? If it's binaries, it's already a deal breaker for ...
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Confused about memory examination using gdb

I started reading "Hacking, The Art of Exploitation" and I am confused about some things regarding memory examination. When I disassemble main, I get an output of all memories where the ...
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