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Sextorsion then Trojan

I received an email containing blackmail about videos that the hacker said he recorded. He said that he recorded the user of the laptop masturbating and he is asking for money to delete them otherwise ...
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Received email with password in the subject - To what extent have I been hacked? [duplicate]

I was cleaning out my spam folder, when I saw one with a subject line which had a little-used password of mine. 16 hours ago. I'm fairly sure odds of guessing this password are small, so I looked. The ...
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Blockchain 2FA by sms (wallet code) secure (hack)?

To keep a long story short, I got hacked on my PC by downloading and executing a wrong file. Programs as InterVPN, Cryptobot and HVNC (told by the hacker via google chat) were installed. My accounts (...
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Have gotten a blackmail email with a password of mine - what to do? [duplicate]

I've gotten the following email today (the password has been changed; and the Greek characters are reproduced verbatim): Your ρasswοrd is REPLACED. Ι kηow α lot more τhngs about you τhaη τhαt. ...
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