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Can code be transmitted through computers’ antennas? [closed]

I have an Acer Aspire E15 5-575. I removed its WiFi card, while kept its black and white antennas intact. I did this to avoid being discovered by long or short range wireless transmissions, wanting to ...
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How do I protect my old devices against BlueBorne? [duplicate]

I have a bunch of Android devices for which there either is no patch to protect them against the BlueBorne exploit or I cannot install a patch without losing all the data. The most obvious thing ...
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Blueborne - Attack Scenario Clarification

Based on the Technical White Paper After reading it, I understand it as follows (Page 13, bottom) So to exploit ...
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So is the phone without BLE vulnerable before BlueBorne or not?

It is already known that BlueBorne poses no danger to Android-devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. For other cases, there were updates that were included in the September Android Security Bulletin. ...
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What is BlueBorne and how to protect myself?

Since this is a hot-topic this week, I'm looking for a canonical answer: What is the BlueBorne Bluetooth vulnerability? How to protect myself?
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Is Linux ​kernel ​ RCE ​vulnerability - ​CVE-2017-1000251 (BlueBorne vulnerability) practical?

In BlueBorne Technical White Paper, the authors mention It ​should ​be ​mentioned that ​testing ​and ​triggering ​this ​vulnerability ​was ​not ​an ​easy ​task, ​and required ​direct use ​of ​...
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Are we safe from phone-to-phone-spreading BlueBorne malware horror case?

While reading through the technical whitepaper of the BlueBorne attacks I've noted that it is required for the attacker to know my Bluetooth MAC-Address. They claim it should be really easy to obtain ...
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How will we stop BlueBorne on older devices?

The BlueBorne vulnerability was announced on September 12, 2017. It's a family of attacks against several implementations of the Bluetooth protocol that enable full compromises of various Bluetooth ...
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