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"Booting" is the process of starting up a computer from the OFF state. This tag is for attacks and security measures relating to the startup routine of computer hardware, firmware, or operating systems.

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Does Windows 8 UEFI Trusted Boot protect SSDT table from modification?

I read from a link that says: Trusted Boot takes over where Secure Boot leaves off. The bootloader verifies the digital signature of the Windows 8 kernel before loading it. The Windows 8 kernel, ...
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Are there any Linux distributions with enabled TPM2 and full disk encryption setups

I have been searching the web to find a Linux distribution, preferrably a rolling release one as I'm otherwise hooked on the concepts in Arch Linux, with automated steps to setup full disk encryption (...
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How is hardware based chain of trust implemented in practice for secure boot?

To do secure boot we need an immutable public key baked into the ROM. This key is used to sign the boot loader or the key used to sign the boot loader. I have these questions - Which code does this ...
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Using a TPM for host authentication during PXE boot

I have a stateless machine that is PXE booting from some host, and I'm curious if there is some clever way to achieve host authentication by only using the TMP (No UEFI Secure Boot). For obvious ...
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Is grub implementation of secure boot inherently flawed?

Definitions Grub is the second stage bootloader often found in Linux distributions. shim is the first bootloader ran by the ROM firmware. It is signed by Microsoft. ROM firmware is the code embedded ...
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Entered FDE password in GRUB by mistake

For several reasons (I have an external monitor, etc.) when I booted the laptop I typed the FDE (Full Disk Encryption on Linux, LUKS) without looking at the monitor, and I ended up typing the full ...
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How to launch kali Linux installer inside live version

i need to know how I can launch the kali Linux installer through terminal pleas. Running latest version of kali Linux on LIVE USB. Trouble booting with uefi and so forth so I need to know how to ...
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How to execute Android verified boot during first boot after updating OS in Android?

I need to execute AVB (Android verified boot) during first boot after updating Android OS. BOARD_AVB_ENABLE = true is already present in the mk file device/hikey/common/ in the ...
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Disk Encryption - Extended Boot Record protection

I posted something like this on SuperUser some months ago, but thought I'd try the security focused site. Anyway, I am working on a Disk Encryption project using OPAL drives. The OS is Linux, and is ...
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Booting from an external drive on work laptop (privacy)

Hi guys the company I work for gave me an awesome laptop but I don't want them to spy on my personal activities (they have lots of Spyware and security). I am, however, able to boot from an external ...
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How can I prevent booting from media devices?

first of all, I deeply apologise because of my silly question. The thing is that I am learning about hardening. I have VMware workstation 12, and I've created a VM CentOS 7 machine (to be integrated ...
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