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"Booting" is the process of starting up a computer from the OFF state. This tag is for attacks and security measures relating to the startup routine of computer hardware, firmware, or operating systems.

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TPM bootstrap process

Assume that the file partition where the PC operating system and user data reside are sealed by a number of PCRs (Platform Configuration Registers) dedicated to BIOS measurements. What happens during ...
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Detect changes in /boot when using full disk encryption

When running a fully encrypted linux system using dm-crypt, the /boot partition has to be unencrypted to boot, as far as I know. I've setup a server that can be unlocked remotely by connecting to a ...
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Is there such thing as a password enforced write protected flash drive?

We would like to provide a flash drive to a client, that they can boot to, which includes a read-only operating system of our own customization, probably Linux. Every boot, it starts from clean slate. ...
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How effective is something like Deep Freeze against boot sector infections?

I work for an embedded system manufacturer and on our older generation systems, which are powered by Windows Embedded, a number of customers have been experiencing virus infections. Due to the real ...
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