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I woke up and my email has been signed up to hundreds of online services. How can I fix this?

I woke up this morning to over 900 emails of several online services asking to confirm I’ve made an account. Last month my email had been compromised and they managed to get into my eBay and Amazon ...
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76 votes
5 answers

How can I be pwned if I'm not registered on the compromised site?

I recently was emailed from (which I am signed up on) about the ShareThis website/tool (not signed up on). I have no memory of signing up for that service. When I go to recover ...
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107 votes
7 answers

Is it safe to give my email address to a service like haveibeenpwned in light of the publication of "Collection #1"?

There is a new big case of stolen login/password data in the news. At the same time, I am reading that there are services that let you check if your own login data is affected, e.g. Have I Been Pwned. ...
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SolarWinds Orion SAML compromise mass cert update

SolarWinds Orion customers have suffered some network compromises according to news reports. One report says, right at the end of the article, that SAML2.0 signing certificates may have been ...
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2 answers

How are websites actually mititating BREACH? (HTTPS + compression)

After reading some popular questions and answer on this website about BREACH, the only advice seems to be: don't compress anything that might contain secrets (including CSRF tokens). However, that ...
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3 answers

Effective ways to hash phone numbers?

Suppose a company wants to implement 2FA for it's users using phone number OTP system, but does not really want to store their phone numbers as it could get breached and phone numbers are considered ...
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